first-partyAs mentioned in our No-Fault page, first party benefits are paid for by your respective insurance provider and cover the personal protection or no fault insurance.  The best way to think of first and third party benefits is economic and non-economic loss.  1st party benefits are an economic loss and 3rd party benefits are a non-economic loss.  Most if not all auto accident cases that occur in Michigan include first party benefits.  The state of Michigan has certain medical expenses and services that they allow injured victims if they qualify for first party benefits.

Under Michigan No-Fault Law, a person injured in a Michigan auto accident can receive benefits for attendant care. What is attendant care? It is essentially what can be referred to as nursing care. Many times, after a serious car accident, the injured person requires medical attention throughout the day that would require nursing services to make sure they are properly treated for and taken care of. Generally, there must be a prescription or some medical reason and authorization for these types of services. Some of these medical services include giving medication daily, dressing the patient’s wounds, bathing the injured victim, assistance when walking, grooming the injured person, and driving the patient, etc.

Medical Expenses Also Fall Under The Category of First Party Benefits

Michigan has one of the broadest and most comprehensive no-fault laws in the country. An injured person is entitled to recover allowable medical expenses when they are injured as a result of a Michigan auto accident. In order to qualify, one must purchase no-fault insurance from their insurance company before the accident occurs. Allowable expenses include all reasonable medical costs for things that were required to care for the injured person properly throughout the entire process of treatment and rehab.  This can include various medical procedures, other medical expenses, and products.  These expenses are payable for life and without a limit on the amount that can be paid.  Do You Need Help Paying Your Michigan Medical Expenses?  If you have received injuries as a result of an accident and need treatment, rehabilitation, or surgeries, then your no-fault provider should pay for all of these expenses!

What About Everyday Tasks I Can No Longer Perform?

In Michigan, when you have sustained injuries as a result of an accident, you may be entitled to certain household and domestic services such as things you did for yourself before the injury took place, but can no longer perform and require somebody else’s assistance. It can be very frustrating not being able to perform menial everyday tasks, and somebody must help in order for you to retain your quality of life. Some of these services include making meals for yourself, child care, housekeeping, lawn maintenance, etc. Usually you need to hire someone to help you perform these replacement services.  What Is The Maximum Amount For Replacement Services?  Under the Michigan No-Fault law, these replacement cost services cannot exceed $20 per day and are only payable for three years from the date of the accident

Do First Party Benefits Help Reimburse Me For Lost Wages?

First party benefits also account for wage loss as a result of an injury sustained in an automobile accident. Many victims are unable to work because of their injuries, these workers are entitled to compensation for their inability to work and earn a living. These wage loss benefits are payable up to a maximum of the first three years following the date of the injury. There are some limitations on the amount of income you can receive and this amount is adjusted annually to reflect and keep pace with the rising cost of living. If you are injured between October 1st, 2010 and September 30th, 2011, the maximum wage loss you are entitled to is $4,929 per month for the first three years. If you have sustained injuries resulting in work-loss, you should contact your insurance company. Often, the insurance company refuses to pay for your wage loss.

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