Legally known as the dissolution of marriage, divorce is the final step of the complicated and often painful process of separating yourself from your spouse. But take heart – with the Lansing divorce lawyers at The Clark Law Office, we can help you file the paperwork, navigate the legalities of separation, and end your marriage on your own terms.

First, here are a few things you should know about getting a divorce in Lansing, Michigan.

Fault—As a “no fault” state, you can file for divorce in Michigan for any reason, whether it’s abuse, infidelity, or simply irreconcilable differences. According to state policy, you only have to prove that “there remains no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved.” You can, however, ask that fault be considered when it comes to alimony, child custody, and division of property. You can also request paternity tests with help from a lawyer.

Waiting Period—For childless couples, your divorce can be granted in as a little as 60 days. If there are children involved, that time will spike to six months, and possibly more if there are issues of child support and paternity. This is a mandatory waiting period known as a “cooling off” period in case either party changes their mind. Keep in mind that these numbers are only average minimums. The judge has the final decision over how long the proceedings will take.

Residency—You and your spouse must have lived in Michigan at least six months before being eligible to file for divorce. Depending on the county where you file, you’ll also be required to reside there between three and ten days before the proceedings. (If you’re filing in your home county, this isn’t an issue, but if you’re already separated from your spouse and filing from theirs, you’ll need to make sure to meet this requirement before going any further.)

You can also file for divorce even if your spouse lives outside Michigan. Thanks to the state’s “long-arm” law, your Summons and Complaint can be served through the mail.

Alternates to Divorce

If you’re unsure about your divorce, or you don’t meet the legal requirements to obtain one, you may want to consider a legal separation with help from a lawyer. It covers the same ground without any of the residency hoops and is often used as a stepping stone to further proceedings. However, keep in mind that legally separated couples can’t remarry until they officially divorce.

If you’re considering a divorce in Lansing, Michigan, contact us at the The Clark Law Office. There are many sticky issues in divorce – children, assets, QDROs – and it’s important than your counsel can handle them. Here at The Clark Law Office, we offer the best legal service in Howell, Jackson, and beyond, and we pride ourselves in providing expert care at prices everyone can afford.

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