The 35th Circuit Court, also known as Shiawassee Circuit Court, is a historic courthouse in Shiawassee County, Michigan. It was built in 1903 in the Classical Revival Style and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There are many exciting places around the 35th Circuit Court. If you are ready to let off steam after attending court matters, dig into our list of fun and exciting places in Shiawassee County!

Top 10 Popular Attractions in Shiawassee County

·       Owosso Curwood Castle

Are you looking for a Norman chateau-style castle that looks like castles in fairy tales? Then, Owosso Curwood Castle is the place to visit. The renowned novelist James Oliver Curwood built this unique yellow gem in 1923. The beautiful castle was the writing studio of the adventure novelist. It is now a museum featuring the great literary works of the highest-paid author in the world in his time.

·       Curwood Castle Park

Curwood Castle Park is home to Curwood Castle. Sycamore trees will lead you to a glistening yellow gem standing at the banks of the Shiawassee River. Who would ever think a Norman Chateau Castle, found all over Europe, is nestled in the heart of Owosso?

·       Curwood Festival

Everything about Curwood happens at the Curwood festival every first weekend in June. The festival honors the late novelist James Oliver Curwood. You will never run out of activities, which include a fishing tournament, raft races, 5k & 10k marathons, and wine and cheese tasting. Other activities include children’s events, parades, arts and crafts, and a flea market. The food vendors prepare pancake breakfast, which is a must-try.

·       Steam Railroading Institute

An educational excursion awaits everyone who wants to know the skills and technology in operating steam locomotives. It aims to educate the public about the impact of these machines on the economy of Owosso, Michigan. The most interesting of all excursions is the North Pole Express, available to the public every November and December.

·       Amos Gould House

Amos Gould House is a historical site honoring Owosso’s first mayor and banker. The yellow brick house, built in 1873, was later remodeled into an elaborate Italianate building. Today, the City of Owosso owns the house and delegates stewardship to the Owosso Historical Commission. It is open to the public.

·       Shepard’s Indoor Speedway

If you get an adrenaline rush in kart racing, Shepard’s Indoor Speedway is the best place for kart racing with family and friends. It offers kart rentals at reasonable prices. The food and beverages are superb. It is an exciting experience that you must try.

·       Hopkins Lake

What is the best time to catch fish at Hopkins Lake? Largemouth bass, bluegill, and Northern pike are some popular species caught in Hopkins Lake. Get to know the exact bite time for any fish and explore fishing spots.

·       Kiwanis Park

There are many fun activities at the 125-acre Kiwanis Park which features playgrounds, a lake, an indoor recreation center, and an indoor wave pool with 3 inches waves.

·       Fortitude Farms and Events

If you want to experience a rural lifestyle, Fortitude Farms and Events hosts fun-filled activities in a family-friendly setting. Learn about corn maze, pumpkin patch, and sunflower seeds. Enjoy a garden dinner date with wine and cheese under the stars.

·       Shiawassee County Fair

The Shiawassee County Fair sits on a 127-acre hill outside Corunna, Michigan. Livestock shows, exhibits, family camping, and educational activities await visitors. You can tour the Fair in horse-drawn surreys free of charge. There are fun activities for everyone.

There is so much to explore in Shiawassee County. Enjoy and have fun with the family!

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