The city of East Lansing is the home of 54B District Court, which is located at 101 Linden Street. Most of the city is within Ingham County, while a part of it is within Clinton County. It has a population of around 47,000 as of 2020. It is also the home of Michigan State University.

East Lansing is located east of Lansing, the capital of Michigan. It has a total area of 13.67 square miles and over 25 neighborhoods. It has a council-manager government, where a mayor is appointed by the city council. In addition, a mayor pro-tem is appointed, who is basically a council member with extra duties and acts as a mayor in his absence.

Things to Do in East Lansing

There are many things to experience and sites to see when one is in East Lansing City. There are college-town neighborhoods, a downtown area, parks, and ski slopes.

East Lansing is home to the Spartan Stadium, which primarily holds football games. It is the home of the Michigan State University Spartans and has made significant contributions to Michigan sports. The stadium has a staggering seating capacity of around 74,000. Visitors should see it when a game is on to enjoy an exhilarating Spartan game.

Families will surely enjoy a day at the Potter Park Zoo. Just 12 minutes away from East Lansing, the park is home to more than 350 animals, some of which are threatened and endangered. The zoo also holds family-friendly events such as live concerts, cookouts, and after-hours festivities.

Outer space aficionados will definitely have a blast at the Abrams Planetarium. It is located within the Michigan State University campus and serves as a space science and astronomy resource center. It hosts public shows, including a live presentation of the evening sky at the moment for 30 minutes.

For some grown-up fun, the Ellison Brewery + Spirits should not be missed. Patrons can enjoy handcrafted beers, wine, and spirits. Visitors can also have some pizza from their food truck when visiting the Clubhouse.

East Lansing is also the location of the Wharton Center. Enjoy a performance in this renowned performing arts center when in the city. However, children below five years old are not allowed unless a show specifies it.

For a relaxing afternoon, families can visit Patriarche Park on Alton Road. The park has something for everyone of all ages. It has tennis, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and softball courts and fields. Grills, picnic tables, benches, restrooms, and a covered pavilion are also available. The best part is that the park has a 1.2-acre playground, which features a rain garden, a poured-in-place playground surface, various colorful play equipment, and a brick entry plaza.

Plant lovers and those who simply want to enjoy some peace should check out the Beal Botanical Garden. Founded in 1873, it is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the United States. It has over 5,000 species of plants, grouped ecologically and systematically.

The City of East Lansing in Michigan has everything – nature, food, metropolitan lifestyle, and art.

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