The 56A District Court handles cases that are filed within Eaton County. Located at 1045 Independence Blvd. in Charlotte, Michigan, this district court was established in 1968. It currently seats two District Judges: Judge Julie A. O’Neill and Judge Kelly E. Morton.

This District Court handles several types of cases, including traffic cases, civil infarctions, and landlord-tenant disputes.

Things to Do Around 56A District Court

If you ever find yourself in Eaton County, you may want to check out the following museums, arts center, or even the Eaton County Fairgrounds.

1.     Courthouse Square Museum

The Courthouse Square Museum is just a quick 5-minute drive from 56A District Court. It is considered a historical site, having been built in 1883. It was officially opened to the public in 1885 and was operational for 10 years before it almost burned down from a fire.

It was reconstructed and operational again until 1976, prior to the county’s relocation to its current complex. The building boasts elaborate woodwork, beautiful tiled floors, and a stained glass ceiling.

If the façade isn’t enough to impress you, then get ready to be in awe at the rich history of Eaton County within the building. Once you’re inside, you will be taken into the different period rooms like the Judge’s Chambers, Law Library, and the Circuit Courtroom. All of these remain to be the favorite attractions of locals and tourists.

2.     Charlotte Performing Arts Center

Go on a little farther, and you will see the Charlotte Performing Arts Center. They have different shows every month, so it’s best to check their website.

Whether you’re into the music of the Beach Boys or just want to watch a variety show, the Charlotte Performing Arts Center should be on your list to visit when you’re in Eaton County. Volunteers are also welcome should you find yourself staying for a longer period.

3.     Eaton County Fairgrounds

The Eaton County Fairgrounds hosts a lot of events every year. One of the biggest events is the annual Eaton County Fair which usually happens every July. It’s around five days of non-stop activities for you and your family. During the Eaton County Fair, there are carnival rides, horse racing, and even live entertainment which anyone in your family can enjoy.

The fairgrounds are not limited to just the county fair; you may check their website for any upcoming events. They also host Charlotte Frontier Days which draws thousands of visitors from those inside and outside Michigan.

The grounds also serve as Winter Storage during October, ‘’so if you have any items that need storing for the winter, you may want to send them a message. This effort aims to help offset the cost of putting up the fair and maintaining the grounds.

4.     Crandell Park

A 10-minute ride from the District House will take you to Crandell Park, the newest and largest park in Eaton County. The park also has the county’s largest lake, which is around 160 acres and can go as deep as 35 feet.

Bring your whole family and take in the fresh air at Crandell Park. You can watch the wildlife, do bird watching, and even do some catch-and-release fishing in this park.

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