Located at 100 W Main St. Ionia, Michigan, 64-A District Court is currently presided by Judge Raymond P. Voet. Two Magistrates oversee selected trials: Ms. Mandy Sanderson and Mr. David J. Wirth.

64-A District Court has exclusive jurisdiction of small claims with judgments up to $25,000 only, land contract forfeitures, and traffic violations.

This District Court currently recommends paying your fines and costs online or via phone call for credit card transactions. At the moment, only necessary personnel are encouraged to go to the District Court in person in order to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

Things to Do in Ionia, Michigan

Ionia is in the heart of Michigan, and if you ever find yourself in the area, make sure to check out some of its popular attractions.

Visit a park or a rail-trail.

Explore Ionia’s outdoors by visiting any of its many parks and walking along rail-trails. Take your family camping at Bertha Brock Park, located on M-21. The park has close to 200 acres of beautiful rolling hills and a clear trout stream.

There are over 20 rustic campsites should you wish to stay longer in the park. You may also want to check their calendar as they hold seasonal events and activities that are open to the public.

You can also consider Green View Point Park if you’re looking for a quick stop want to enjoy the beauty of nature. They have in-car viewing of the Grand River, so even if you’re pressed for time, you can still be in awe of this majestic spot.

Get fresh produce at the Ionia Harvest Market.

The Ionia Harvest Market was formerly known as the Ionia Farmer’s Market. This market has a lot to offer, from fresh fruits and vegetables, to crafts, and bedding plants.

Vendors set up their stalls every Saturday from 9 AM until 2 PM. They are only running until October, so make sure to make a stop when you find yourself in Ionia.

Activities for the family.

If you are with your family, then Ionia has a lot in store for every member. So whether you are craving your favorite fast-food chain or looking for a good cup of coffee, there’s a restaurant in Ionia County for you.

You and your family may also catch a movie at the historic Ionia Theatre. Built in 1931 for Vaudeville performers, this theatre underwent various renovations and had its first movie screening in 1985.

If you’re more into retail therapy, Ionia is also the home to various boutiques, shopping malls, and thrift stores. There’s a perfect place to shop for your and every family member.

Other recreational areas are also available in Ionia, such as The Bowling Alley along Dexter St. If you have younger children in your family, playing at a bowling lane may be more enjoyable for them.

If they are looking for another bonding activity, then consider going to the Ionia Skateland on Jefferson Road. It’s an indoor roller-skating rink that both kids and kids-at-heart can enjoy.

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