The 66th District Court of Shiawassee County is one of the busiest district courts in the state of Michigan. It handles all adult misdemeanors from arraignment to sentencing and conducts preliminary hearings in felony cases.

Located in the city of Corunna, the 66th District Court also has exclusive jurisdiction over civil litigations up to $25,000, including eviction proceedings, land disputes, home foreclosures, and vehicle code and statute/ordinance violations.

Things to Do Around The 66th District Court

The name ‘Shiawassee’ comes from Indian lore, which means rolling or sparkling waters. The Shiawassee River runs through the cities of Corunna and Owosso and the villages of Byron and Vernon before exiting Saginaw Bay.

If you are looking for places to see around the court, Shiawassee County has plenty to offer.

Located right at the heart of Michigan, Shiawassee is home to the Steam Engine Pere Marquette 1225, a world-famous site and also known as the real-life Polar Express.

Here are some of the most popular attractions you might want to visit in town.

  • Owosso Walking Tour

The city of Owosso will take you back in time with its 19th-century architectural treasures. Located between Flint and Lansing, Owosso charms its visitors with the beauty of its older homes.

  • Steam Railroading Institute

The Steam Railroading Institute was established to preserve the history of steam locomotives and their enormous impact on the economic development of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region.

The highlight of the SRI is the majestic Pere Marquette 1225, which is the largest operating steam locomotive of its kind. If you’re traveling with a group, join one of the weekend trips hosted by the SRI. The most popular event is the North Pole Express, which is held from November to December.

  • Durand Union Station & Michigan Railroad History Museum

The Durand Union Station is another ode to the golden years of railroading. This educational tour will give you a firsthand look at Michigan’s railroading past. Due to the sheer number of visitors every year, the Depot is one of the most photographed train stations in the United States.

Visit the Michigan Railroad History Museum here, and see hundreds of photos, artifacts, and displays that take you through Durand’s rich railroad history.

  • Curwood Castle Park

American action-adventure writer, iconoclast, visionary, and conservationist James Oliver Curwood created a replica of a French Norman chateau along the banks of the Shiawassee River. This structure, now known as Curwood Castle, was the home and studio of Curwood until his death in 1927.

More than 180 movies have been based on or inspired by Curwood’s novels and short stories, solidifying his legacy as a film pioneer.

The Owosso Historical Commission manages Curwood Castle, Comstock Pioneer Cabin, Amos Gould House, and the Woodard Paymaster Building, all of which are part of The Curwood Collection located at Curwood Castle Park.

  • DeVries Nature Conservancy Carriage & Sleigh Museum

The DeVries Historic Carriage and Sleigh Museum boast the finest collections of carriages, surreys, buggies, and sleighs that were created in the early 1900s.

Owosso’s automotive past is well represented by more than 27 vehicles from the Owosso Carriage & Sleigh Company.

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