The hidden beauty of Cooley and Scott Sunken Gardens is well worth a visit if you are looking for a romantic spot in Lansing, Michigan. Located near the GM Grand River Assembly Plant and NCG Cinema, Cooley Gardens was planted almost 100 years ago and saved from dereliction by the city decades later. Cooley is perfect for a picnic, and the pavilion, park benches, and picnic tables are an idyllic setting for a wedding.

The historic Bintz Pool, which was dedicated to Lansing in 1908, is also a popular destination in the city. The historic swimming pool has been closed for years, but efforts are underway to restore it. Whether you’re in town for an event or a family outing, you’ll find something interesting in Lansing. You’ll also find several parks and recreation facilities throughout the city, including the historic Bintz Pool on the south side of town.  You can find out more here.

One of the gardens is the Cooley-Haze Garden, a rectangular, two-tiered sunken garden that is approximately 50 feet long. It features a central lawn and raised flower beds filled with perennials and bulbs. Cattails are particularly prominent in this area. The garden is free to visit, so be sure to visit on a sunny day! You’ll want to plan ahead and come prepared.

Another historic garden that has been moved in Lansing is the Scott Sunken Garden. This garden has deep roots. Originally located in the same place, the garden was relocated in the late 2000s to make way for the Central Substation project. The Lansing Board of Water and Light promised to move the garden carefully. By fall, the Central Substation project should be complete. This should allow the garden to reopen.

A beautiful and relaxing experience is guaranteed at the Horticulture Gardens of MSU. Located on the MSU campus, the garden was recently named the most romantic place in Lansing. It’s no surprise that these gardens have been booked for years. You can now book your wedding for 2023! The gardens are also an ideal location for events. The flower garden was buzzing during a Flower Chick visit in August. The Pollinator Garden was filled with nectar.

The state capitol is another must-see in Lansing. The state capitol is located on West Allegan Street and is free to tour. It’s worth noting that the dome is incredibly large! You might also want to check out the Michigan Hall of Justice, which is topped with a dome. It is also known as the Michigan Supreme Court Building. There are many things to do in Lansing during the summer months. You can also enjoy a leisurely walk along the Lansing River Trail, which stretches 13 miles / 21 km.

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