The 56th Circuit Court in Eaton County, Lansing

The Circuit Court was established by the Michigan Constitution of 1908 as a trial court of general jurisdiction. It consisted of Eaton, Calhoun, and Barry Counties before it became just Eaton and Barry Counties. The 56th Circuit Court came to be in 1991 when the Circuit Court was split and became a separate circuit for Eaton County.

The 56th Circuit Court is located near museums, government buildings, galleries, and art districts. This means you can do an array things after your visit to the circuit court.

Places to visit near the 56th Circuit Court

Those who are into arts, music, and history won’t be disappointed in Lansing. There are plenty of places to visit around the 56th circuit court in Eaton County to satisfy the art lover and history buff in you.

1.     Courthouse Square Museum

Built in 1883, the Courthouse was operational for 10 years before a fire destroyed much of the inside. It was reconstructed in 1976 and now functions as a public museum and events venue.

2.     The Country Mill

The Country Mill grows and produces organic apples, cider, peaches, applesauce, apple chips, apple butter, and vinegar. You can also pick your own peaches, blueberries, apples, pumpkins, and sunflowers at this 213-acre farm.

3.     Visit the Michigan History Museum.

You can learn about Michigan’s rich history by visiting the Michigan History Museum. This comprehensive three-story museum has exhibits from the days of Michigan’s earliest human settlement to the Motown era. You can see prehistoric Native American tools, a replica Upper Peninsula Copper Mine, automobiles from the 1950s, as well as exhibits depicting the role of Michigan in the nation’s manufacturing boom. Don’t forget to check out the Museum Store for Michigan-made gift and souvenir items.

4.     Discover hundreds of artworks

Lansing has four major art districts where you can find galleries, scripture walks, and hundreds of different works of art. Lansing Community College alone has a Scripture Walk that features more than 600 pieces of art. A few blocks away is Old Town, the original boutique district of Lansing. The neighborhood is dotted with beautiful Victorian buildings, specialty shops, creative businesses, quaint boutiques, nightclubs, good restaurants, and more. The shops in this neighborhood sell new and vintage clothes and string instruments.

5.     Be awed by the State Capitol Building.

Michigan’s Capitol Building will bring you back to the Victorian era. Designed during the Gilded Age by architect Elijah E. Myers, the Capitol Building boasts over nine acres of hand-painted surfaces. This work of art took six years to complete. You can join a guided tour or opt for a DIY experience. Don’t forget to pick up a tour booklet at Information Services if you prefer a self-guided tour at your own pace.

6.     Visit the Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center.

Discover the Hall of Justice’s secret: the Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center. This is where you can pose with Lady Justice and play judge in the model courtroom with its interactive A Day in Court games. You can also go up to see the Michigan Supreme Court courtroom while getting the best view of the State Capitol.

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