As a trial court of general jurisdiction, the 8th Circuit Court has jurisdiction over all actions in Michigan. An exception is when state law explicitly provides that another court has exclusive jurisdiction over a particular court of action. The 8th Circuit Court can be found at 100 W. Main Street, Ionia, Michigan. Its judges and staff members alternate between Ionia and Montcalm from week to week.

What can you do around the 8th Circuit Court in Ionia?

The 8th Circuit Court is situated close to parks, recreation areas, museums, and historical sites. Here are some of the things you can do when you are in Ionia.

1.     The John C. Blanchard House

If history is your thing, you will appreciate all the details that go with the John C. Blanchard House. It was originally built in 1881 as a private house for John C. Blanchard – a lawyer, politician and capitalist. The Blanchard House is an Italianate mansion with a variegated sandstone exterior that was quarried locally in Ionia.

Located at 253 East Main Street, the Blanchard House is where you will find the Ionia Country Historical Society and Ionia County Museum. It is open for public tours every Sunday afternoon between Memorial Day and Labor Day, as well as the whole month of December. You can also rent the house for special occasions, as well as arrange tours at other times.

2.     Muir Church of Christ

The Muir Church of Christ is a single-story Gothic church that was built in 1861. In 1983, the church was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. Located at 138 Garden Street, Muir, Michigan, it is also known as the First Christian Church of Muir.

The wood-frame Muir Church of Christ has a square central projecting entrance tower and five Gothic windows on each side of the building. The sanctuary walls are made of plaster, the floor is dark-stained pine, and the ceiling is made of pressed metal.

3.     Places to golf and dine near Ionia

Make your trip to the 8th Circuit Court more worthwhile. Pay a visit to one of the golf clubs near Ionia, or check in to a golf resort.

Morrison Lake Golf Club is less than 15 miles from the 8th Circuit Court, and it sits adjacent to the magnificent Morrison Lake in Saranac. This 18-hole, full service public golf course was built in 1927. It was designed with numerous creeks and ponds to blend in with the natural rolling topography.

Meanwhile, if you want to stay in a golf resort, you can check out Candlestone Golf and Resort in Belding. It is an 18-hole, par 72 golf course with suite rooms and an on-site restaurant.

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