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Downtown Birmingham, MichiganThe terrifying ordeal of car accident victims is indescribable. In a severe motor vehicle accident involving head-on collisions, car accident injuries may include a traumatic brain injury and internal injuries. Whether you are a victim of negligent driving, drunk driving, or distracted driving, hospital and medical bills pile up, and you are at your wit’s end.

You may need physical therapy. It may take a while to get back on track. The physical injuries may heal, but the car accident leaves victims traumatized with a scar etched for a lifetime.

The insurance company will process your car accident claim, but it may be a roller coaster ride. You need to file for car accident claims, including personal injury claims, among other damages, to assuage fear and anxiety amidst financial uncertainties. Who do you want to call? Not a ghost-buster, but a crème de la crème Birmingham car accident attorney.

Finding the best law firm with a team of top-notch Birmingham car accident lawyers in Michigan is just a click away. If you have one, the car accident attorney assigned to your car accident case will leave no stone unturned until you win a personal injury claim.

Crucial Steps To Take When You Get in a Birmingham Car Accident

A remarkable presence of mind is commendable when you get into a Birmingham car accident. Frayed nerves are inevitable, but you must keep calm and compose yourself. The first hour after an auto accident is critical. Here are crucial steps to take when you get in a Birmingham car accident. You may save lives during the process. The most vital life you save may be your own.

Call 911

The first few minutes after car crashes are crucial. If you can move a bit, call the police immediately. The responding officers will file a police report and document the scene. You must secure a copy of the police report for documentation, which you will read about later in this article.

Check yourself for injuries

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Michigan has an average response time of only three minutes in medical emergencies. Ask someone to call for an ambulance if you cannot move. Check the physical condition of your companions.

Get to safety

You are in danger if you are in the middle of the road or highway. Move to the safe side of the road.

Document the accident

Take pictures of vehicle damages from all angles to document the case. Also, take photos of your injuries as they are crucial for personal injury claims with the insurance company. It is prudent to take pictures of the other car’s license plate.

Call a Birmingham car accident lawyer

Before you call the insurance company, ensure you are well-represented by a Birmingham car accident lawyer. Experienced Birmingham car accident lawyers will guide you through the process, from gathering evidence at the accident scene to negotiating a car accident settlement on your behalf.

Notify your insurance company and start the claims process

Call your insurance company as soon as you have gathered pertinent documents to file all claims related to the car accident. Read the three types of car accident claims in this article.

Go to a doctor

Get a medical check-up. Your doctor will assess your health condition and prescribe medication. An annual check-up is necessary because some side effects may show after a year.

Who Pays For Damages in a Birmingham Car Accident?

The driver at fault should be the one to pay for damages in a Birmingham car accident. Unless proven otherwise, the at-fault driver relies on mandatory car insurance for the economic and non-economic losses he owes to the injured person. If the amount exceeds the insurance coverage, he has to pay from his assets.

Why Hire an Experienced Birmingham Car Accident Lawyer?

Car accidents affect the lives of the victims and their families. A car wreck can be physically, emotionally, and financially devastating.

An experienced Birmingham car accident lawyer files and oversees personal injury claims for the car accident victim. The goal is to recover money to fund medical expenses, lost wages or lost income, replacement services, attendant care, medical mileage, emotional turmoil, psychological damage, property damage, burial costs, and other financial costs relative to the car accident.

The victim must focus on health rebound and leave all legal matters to the expert car accident attorney.

How Much Compensation Can Car Accident Victims Claim?

Michigan allows car accident victims to file for three car accident claims. Each type of car accident claim caters to a specific purpose:

  • The Mini Tort Claim allows car accident victims to recoup out-of-pocket expenses for vehicle damages from the at-fault driver or driver’s insurance company.
  • The First-Party Claim for No-Fault benefits allows car accident victims to claim compensation from their insurance company.
  • The Third-Party Claim for pain and suffering covers tangible and intangible losses from the car accident.

Mini Tort Claim for Vehicle Damages

The Michigan Mini Tort Auto Law states that the car accident victims, zero to less than fifty percent at fault, can only recover up to a maximum of $3,000 from the driver who caused the car crash. People involved in car accidents after July 1, 2020, can recover up to a maximum of $3,000. The purpose is to recover at least part of the expenses incurred in a car repair or restoration job.

Filing for a mini tort claim does not require the services of personal injury attorneys. Follow these five simple steps to help compensate for car accident-related vehicle damages:

Get all the information from the at-fault driver.

Get his name and address, name and address of the vehicle owner, vehicle registration number, driver’s license, name of the auto insurance company, insurance policy number covering the vehicle, and name and contact number of the driver’s insurance agent.

Get a copy of the police report (UD-10), or Traffic Crash Report.

A fault is an issue in mini-tort claims. The police reports are a vital evidence signifying the other driver is at fault. It also confirms all the information from the driver at fault.

Get a quote for your car repair or restoration job.

Get a copy of the Declarations Page from your auto insurance policy.

This vital piece of document enumerates the car insurance coverage and coverage dates. It shows you have a No-Fault auto insurance policy at the time of the car accident.

Caveat: An uninsured car accident victim, though not at fault, cannot file for a mini tort claim in Michigan.

Notify the auto insurance company of the at-fault driver about your claim. Present an air-tight case by presenting a mini tort letter with valid supporting documents to collect payment.

First-Party Claim For No-Fault Benefits

The Michigan No-Fault law requires first-party car insurance for all drivers. It is a personal protection insurance that drivers can rely on in times of car accidents. Injured people in an auto accident can claim their No-Fault benefits for personal injuries from their auto insurance companies within one year from the time of the accident. The benefits include payment for medical bills, loss of income, attendant care, medical mileage, and replacement services.

Third-Party Claim For Pain and Suffering Compensation

The Michigan No-Fault law requires third-party liability insurance for all drivers. It is car insurance required by the state that an at-fault driver relies on to pay for pain and suffering compensation (non-economic loss) and economic losses he owes to the injured person. To qualify for the claim, the car crash victim must show proof of seriously impaired body function.

What Is a Fair Settlement For a Personal Injury Claim?

Car crash victims and their families deserve all monetary benefits to compensate for the pain and suffering. The debilitating effects of catastrophic injuries leave a scar for life. Therefore, to determine a fair settlement for a car accident injury claim, consult with car accident attorneys from a reputable law firm. An experienced attorney can help calculate your damages, including medical bills, lost wages, expenses for physical therapy and rehab, pain and suffering, future medical bills, and even legal fees.

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