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You would probably think that Detroit had the most dangerous intersections in Michigan, but according to data from 2016, Detroit did not make the top 50 list. This fact does not mean that many of the intersections and roads in Detroit were dangerous or deadly that year. During 2017, there were a total of 24,687 traffic crashes in Detroit resulting in 101 deaths and 8.770 injuries. For the individuals and families impacted by car accidents, the long-term consequences can be life-changing. In some cases, an accident victim may suffer a permanent disability, or a family may lose a parent or child.  Call 517-347-6900 for a free legal consultation with our Detroit car accident lawyer.

A Trusted Partner in the Fight for Accident Insurance Benefits

Injured Man Reading Medical Bills in Detroit, MI The Detroit car accident lawyers of The Clark Law Office understand the struggles, challenges, and suffering accident victims, and their families experience after a car crash. For this reason, our Detroit car accident attorneys adopted a client-focused approach to assisting accident victims with claims. You need someone on your side who will be with you every step of the way as you fight for the no-fault insurance benefits you deserve. We are that law firm.  You also need an attorney who understands third-party accident claims so you can recover the maximum amount of compensation allowable by law from the negligent and reckless driver who caused the crash. A claim against the driver or another party who caused the collision for pain and suffering damages can result in a substantial settlement for you and your family. We are that law firm.  When you are injured and struggling to recover from a car accident, we can help. The Detroit car accident lawyers of The Clark Law Office are your trusted partners in seeking compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses. Call 517-347-6900 for a free legal consultation.

What Are the Costs of Your Recovery?

Recovering from a car accident can be a painful process that may require weeks or months of physical therapy. In addition to your economic damages, you also suffer noneconomic damages. Let’s look at some of the costs of your recovery and what insurance does and does not cover.

Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance Coverage

No Fault Insurance in Detroit, MI Each driver is required to carry no-fault insurance coverage. If you are in an accident, your no-fault insurance covers a portion of your financial costs and the financial costs of passengers in your vehicle. The costs are referred to as first-party benefits. Your no-fault insurance should pay for expenses related to medical costs, mileage to doctor’s visits, personal in-home care, and help with household services. In addition, no-fault insurance pays a portion of your lost wages for up to three years, vocational rehabilitation, and some home/vehicle modifications if you suffered a disability.  However, no-fault insurance does not cover all damages incurred in a car accident. Likewise, the insurance company may deny claims for lack of supporting evidence, claim time limits, or lack of coverage.

An insurance provider may unnecessarily delay a claim to avoid paying benefits. Therefore, it is in your best interest to contact our Detroit car accident lawyer to discuss your no-fault insurance claim.  We can review your claim to ensure you are receiving all benefits under your plan. Our lawyers also closely monitor deadlines to ensure we file the appropriate claims and actions to avoid a denial for the expiration of time limits to file a claim.  Call 517-347-6900 to speak with an associate. Your initial consultation is always free of charge and confidential.

Third Party Claims

As stated above, pain and suffering claims are not covered by no-fault insurance. You must file a claim against the party who caused the crash.  In many cases, that party is the other driver who negligently caused the crash because of impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding, or other reckless behavior. A claim for damages related to physical, mental, and emotional damages can be substantial. It is important to discuss your case with an experienced Detroit car accident attorney as soon as possible to protect your right to receive money for your suffering and pain.  However, filing a claim for noneconomic (pain and suffering) damages can be difficult in Michigan. You must meet four strict elements to recover money for your physical pain and emotional suffering.

Meeting the Elements for a Pain and Suffering Car Accident Claim

The elements of a third-party car accident claim are:

  • Fault — The first element is fault. You must prove the other driver or party caused the crash. However, you must prove that the party was at least 50 percent at fault for the accident. If you were more than half at fault for the crash, you cannot sue the other driver for these damages.
  • Injuries — You must prove that you suffered injuries because of the accident. Seeking immediate medical treatment to clearly document injuries is often crucial in proving this element.
  • Proximate Cause — You must also prove that your injuries were sustained because of the car accident. Again, medical evidence can be very useful in proving your injuries were sustained in the crash.
  • Injury Threshold — Under Michigan law, your injuries must meet or exceed a specific threshold. The law states that the injuries must have caused serious permanent disfigurement, death, or a serious impairment of a bodily function. This element can be difficult to overcome; however, our Detroit car accident lawyers have experience working with third-party claims and understand how to use the evidence at hand to build a strong and convincing case for suffering and pain damages.

You deserve compensation for the suffering and pain caused by a negligent driver. The Clark Law Office can help you fight for full compensation for your damages.

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