MSU_Beaumont_Tower_1Our East Lansing car accident lawyers have dedicated their lives to helping and advocating for victims of auto accidents suffering from an injury.  We have built a reputation as one of the most successful injury attorneys in the state and we have the experience and dedication that is required to take on the vast amount of resources that large insurance companies have at their disposal.  They have an entire legal team and billions of dollars which they utilize to fight your claim.  Even if you have been a loyal customer and always pay your overpriced premiums, you will be surprised how often they deny claims altogether or give you a figure via offer is embarassingly low.  You must remember that these companies are in the business of making money and have shareholders that expect the company maximums profit at your expense.  If you have been involved in auto accident in or near east lansing, WE CAN HELP.  Our office is located in Okemos, Michigan which is less than a 10 minute drive from East Lansing.  We will ensure that you get the best possible result and that your medical expenses and other no fault benefits are covered.

We can also help you collect financial compensation for you pain and suffering as well as your other third party benefits.  Because Michigan has enacted no-fault law, any auto accident case can become complex and you need a skilled auto attorney with a large amount of experience and a track record of success.  Our law firm has multiple settlements and verdicts exceeding $1,000,000+ against various insurance companies and against the United States Air Force.  We have the resources, time, dedication, and skill that is needed to take on big business and get you the best possible result through settlement or a trial verdict.  Unlike many other large firms in the state, you will be working directly with lead attorney David M. Clark  and Michigan State Graduate Matthew Clark.  We will not refer your case to another firm or pass your case off to an attorney with very little experience.  Give us a call today at (517) 347-6900 for a completely confidential and free consultation.

We handle all types of accident cases and are legal experts in a wide variety of injury cases.  We can help you in the following types of cases:

  • Auto accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Car Passenger Injuries
  • Brain Injuries
  • Back Injuries
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • All other types of vehicle accidents or injuries

East Lansing, Michigan is located in Ingham County and well known as the home to Michigan State University.  According to the latest census data, the city has a population of 48,579 but this fluctuates greatly give the large amount of students that reside during the school year.  As the name indicates, it is situated directly east of the capital city of Lansing.  It is also a short drive from other cities including Okemos, Haslett, Dewitt, and Williamston.

The city itself was founded in 1847 and Michigan State University was founded in 1855.  Downtown East Lansing is centrally located around Grand River Avenue and Michigan Avenue which is a dividing line between the campus and the rest of the city.  It is also home to over 25 neighborhoods and many of which have associtions and hold regular social events.

Top 10 Car Accident Locations in East Lansing?

The East Lansing Police Department has created a list of the most dangerous roads and intersection in the city and we will include this information to make you aware of the danger areas.  The list goes from most dangerous (#1) to least dangerous (#10)

  1. Grand River Avenue / Hagadorn Road
  2. Trowbridge Road / US 127
  3. Coolidge Hagadorn Road / Lake Lansing Road
  4. Abbot Hagadorn Road / Lake Lansing Road
  5. Abbot Hagadorn Road / Saginaw Highway
  6. Harrison Hagadorn Road/ Michigan Avenue
  7. Grand River Avenue / Harrison Road
  8. Hagadorn Hagadorn Road / Saginaw Avenue
  9. Lake Lansing Road / West Road
  10. Abbott Road / Burcham Avenue

If you would like additional information regarding car accident statistics from East Lansing and Ingham County, please visit the Michigan State Police Annual Crash Statistics Page.

We would also like to include some important contacts for injuries and accidents that happen in East Lansing for our injured clients.  You can find helpful information and reports from the following links.  If you choose us to represent you in your auto claim, we will gladly locate and get all of the information for you.

East Lansing Police Department
409 Park Lane
East Lansing, MI 48823
Fax: (517) 337-7372
Emergency: 9-1-1

East Lansing Fire Station #1
1700 Abbot Road
East Lansing, MI 48823
Ph: (517) 332-1956
Fx: (517) 337-1112

East Lansing Fire Station #2
208 W. Shaw Lane
East Lansing, MI 48823
Ph: (517) 337-7512
Fx: (517) 337-5669

54-B District Court
101 Linden Street
East Lansing, MI 48823
Ph: (517) 351-7000
Fx: (517) 351-3371

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