Novi, MI Encountering a car accident is very common on Michigan roads, especially if you’ve been passing along the state’s most dangerous intersections. Unfortunately, the Michigan auto law can be stressful and confusing when you get involved in a car accident. When this happens, contact a car accident attorney immediately to assist you.

Car Accident Statistics in Michigan

The report of Michigan State Police shows that injury crashes in 2021 increased by 16% compared to 2020. Fifty-one percent (51%) of the injured were females. Seventy percent (70%) of those injured were the vehicle drivers.

In Novi, the Public Safety Department reported 1,294 accidents that resulted in property damage in 2022. Meanwhile, 323 accidents caused personal injuries in the same year.

What Should You Do If You Sustain Personal injury From a Car Crash?

When a car accident in Novi, Mi results in a personal injury, victims should seek legal advice and assistance from a personal injury lawyer. A car accident attorney can help you with the legalities involved in the crash.

When an accident victim sustains a minor personal injury, the victim often ignores it or declares that they are not suffering from pain. If a lawyer is present after the car accident, the attorney can assess the situation and advice the victim on what to say and do.

Auto accident victims may file auto insurance claims depending on what transpired during the car accident. The lawyer can explain to the victims what these claims are and whether they are eligible to file the claim.

How Car Accident Attorneys Can Help in Personal Injury Cases

Car accident lawyers serving Novi, Mi will fight for the financial compensation to which their clients are entitled. Victims of car accidents who suffered from injuries may face medical bills and suffer lost wages. Insurance companies will often approach the victims and try to settle the matter immediately.

Uninformed victims may think that settling the matter right away is an advantage. However, they might be unable to recover damages and financial payments they are entitled if this happens. If they are represented by car accident attorneys, they are assured that they will receive the compensation that they deserve.

The process of claiming compensation from an auto insurance can be overwhelming. After getting medical treatment, a Novi, Mi attorney can help you with the following:

  • Pursue damages owed to you by the driver at fault, such as medical bills, lost income, and other claims;
  • Communicate directly with the insurance company;
  • Gather evidence, conduct interviews, talk to expert witnesses, and prepare other necessary documentation to prove your car accident case;
  • Create a legal plan to make sure that you get the best settlement out of the car accident; and
  • Represent you in court if cannot secure the compensation that you are entitled to

No-Fault Insurance in Michigan Auto Law – What to Know

Having no-fault insurance coverage is necessary under Michigan law. Michigan’s no-fault law covers the cost of medical bills and other economic damages of those involved in car accidents, regardless of who is at fault. It also applies to both the driver and the passenger.

The application for no-fault personal injury protection benefits should be done within one year from the car accident.

What to Do After a Novi Car Accident?

Some steps must be taken after an auto accident in Novi, Mi. Do the following if you sustain a personal injury or property damage after the crash:

  • Contact the police and file a report.

A police report states the details of the vehicle collision. It also contains statements of those involved in the accident and details about auto insurance. To claim coverage, file the police report within a certain period of time.

  • Report and document all injuries and damages.

There are times when symptoms of personal injury do not appear right away. Make sure to keep a detailed list of symptoms, pain, headaches and injuries that you suffered, no matter how minor they appear to be.

  • Avoid talking directly to the insurance company representative.

Make sure that a car accident attorney represents you in order to protect your best interests.

Can an Auto Accident Victim in Novi, Mi Still Sue the At-Fault Driver?

Even if you have claimed under the Michigan’s no-fault law, you can still sue the at-fault driver. If this is the case, you must prove that the other driver was at fault for the crash. The negligent driver can be held liable for economic damages and non-economic damages.

Non-economic damages can include pain and suffering as well as mental and emotional distress. Economic damages pertain to the other expenses not covered by personal injury protection (PIP) coverage.

Reasons Your Auto Accident Claims in Novi, Mi Can Get Denied

Auto insurance companies may deny claims of accident victims for a number of reasons, including:

  • Ineffective insurance policies at the time of the accident
  • The policy does not cover the loss or specifically excludes the claim.
  • Claim exceeds the coverage limits.
  • Improper submission of claims
  • The car accident was not immediately reported to the police.
  • Late filing of claims
  • Violation of state laws
  • Medical attention was not immediately sought
  • Misrepresentation

There are other possible reasons for denying claims. Some claims are lawful denials, but there can also be unlawful denials.

Types of Compensation for Injured Claimants

For those who suffered a personal injury because of the car accident, they can file the following claims to the insurance company:

First-party claim under no-fault benefits. As mentioned, the claim allows for payment of medical expenses, lost wages, replacement services, medical mileage, attendant care, and damage to property, among others, regardless of who caused the accident

Third-party claim to the at-fault driver. This refers to the non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, and excess economic damages not covered under the no-fault claim.

Why Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney for a Novi, MI Vehicle Crash

The Michigan auto law can be overwhelming, especially after just experiencing a car accident personally. When you hire a car accident attorney, you have peace of mind knowing that your lawyer specializes in helping people who get hurt in motor vehicle accidents.

You have someone who will fight for your cause. You will have legal representation in case you need to file a personal injury lawsuit. More importantly, you know that you will have a chance to recover claims that are rightfully yours.

Hiring Novi Car Accident Lawyers versus Speaking Directly with Auto Insurance Companies

Following a car accident, do not deal directly with the insurance company. It is important to speak to a car accident attorney serving Novi, Mi and let the lawyer speak to the insurance company.

Many people assume that insurance companies have the best interests of their clients in mind. But insurance companies are businesses, which means their goal is to make sure that their businesses make a profit.

On the other hand, your lawyer’s goal is to get the best settlement claim for you. You can make your claim personally, but if an experienced car accident attorney represents you, your chances of getting a successful claim in your favor will improve.

What Evidence Do You Need to Prove Your Claim?

When making a claim for personal injury compensation, you need to collect essential documents to support your claim. These are crucial in proving your case. Here’s a list of documents that you need:

  • Police/Accident report
  • Pictures and videos of the accident and the injuries and damages sustained
  • Testimonies of witnesses
  • Medical records
  • Copies of medical receipts and bills
  • Proof of income such as a paycheck, tax returns, or employment certification
  • Vehicle damage estimates
  • Such other documents, as advised by the lawyer

Common Criminal Defense in a Personal Injury Case

It happens that the at-fault driver will be criminally charged for a personal injury case.

Usually, drivers charged with criminal offense would say that they did not know they had hit someone or something. Sometimes, they also claim that they were unaware that what they did amounted to a criminal offense. Some would also say they were afraid after the accident that after the collision, they immediately left the area.

Leaving the scene of an accident can result in severe criminal penalties. When you are faced with legal issues like the driver at fault leaving the accident scene, contact an attorney serving Novi, Mi to help you.

Unsure If You Have a Case? Let Us Help You Find Out.

If you were involved in a car accident and would like to know how personal injury lawyers can help you, contact The Clark Law Office and let us help you with your case. We are a leading Michigan personal injury law firm that has recovered millions of dollars for our client’s injuries.

We offer a free consultation, so you do not need to worry when you call us for an appointment. We have been serving Novi, MI and other nearby areas for more than 30 years now.

Car Accident FAQs

  • What should I do after a car accident? –  You should file a police report at the nearest police department. Michigan law requires that you report a crash resulting in injury, death, or property damage of more than $1,000. Ensure that you also get treated for possible and any injuries sustained after the crash.
  • Why is a police report critical? – The police report gives detailed information about the crash. It is also essential when you make your claim with the insurance company.
  • Should I hire an attorney right away after a car accident? – Yes. After getting medical treatment, the most important thing to do before answering questions or signing documents is to call your attorney. This way, you are assured that you will have a chance of getting the compensation that you deserve.
  • How do I file a claim after a car accident? – If you have a personal injury attorney, your lawyer will handle everything that you need to do to make a claim. You simply need to provide pertinent documents, and the car accident attorney will be the one to make a claim to your auto insurance.
  • How much should I settle my case after the case accident? – How much you can recover depends on different factors. This can only be assessed after you have been interviewed by a personal injury lawyer.

Call a Novi Personal Injury Attorney to Take Legal Action

To protect your rights and know how you can claim after a car accident, contact The Clark Law Office. Serving Nomi, MI and other areas in Michigan, we are ready to help you take legal action if you get involved in a car accident or suffered personal injury because of the accident. Our Michigan car accident lawyers will work with you closely to get the best results possible.

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