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Picture of vehicle interior and malfunctioning airbag on Michigan roadwayMotor vehicle accidents occur for a variety of reasons. One of the less common reasons for car accidents, but equally as devastating as other factors, is defective vehicles. Vehicle defects and equipment malfunctions are a factor in numerous auto accidents each year in the United States. People are injured and killed because of vehicle defects.

If a vehicle defect injures you or a passenger injured in an accident caused by vehicle defects, you may be entitled to recover significant compensation from one or more parties. A product liability claim can be complex. Therefore, you need a skilled, experienced Michigan product liability lawyer to help you with your vehicle defect claim.

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Common Vehicle Defects That May Lead to or Contribute to a Car Crash

When a vehicle part or system is defective or malfunctions, the result could be deadly. Defective car parts contribute to car accidents and, in some cases, increase the severity of injuries sustained during a collision.  Some of the common vehicle defects that may cause injury or death include:

  • Airbag Defects

Airbag defects have been in the news lately as Takata continues to recall defective airbags that have caused serious injuries including brain injuries and deaths. When some of the airbags deploy, they explode causing deaths and injuries. Consumers can sign up for email alerts from the NHTSA and also check to see if their vehicle is on the recall list on the NHTSA website. In addition, airbags that explode can cause serious injuries and death as can airbags that do not deploy at the correct time. Chemicals in the airbags can also cause burns and other injuries.

  • Seat Belt Defects

Seat belts have been shown to save lives. However, seat belt defects can also cause serious injuries in a car crash. Seat belts that fail to lock upon impact or pull too hard against the person can cause injury. Jammed seat belt latches can cause entrapment injuries.

  • Defective Tires

When tires are defective, they can cause tire blowout accidents and rollover accidents. Numerous tire companies have recalled tires that are defective including Yokohama, Kumho, Bridgestone, and BF Goodrich, among others. The tires provide traction between our vehicle and the road and they help provide stability for our vehicles. When tires are defective, the vehicle may become unstable thereby causing a crash.

  • Defective Fuel Systems

The fuel system in our vehicles can also cause great harm in a car accident if the fuel tanks are placed incorrectly or are defective in another way. Lack of safety devices and welding failures can contribute to the severity of injuries in a collision. In some cases, defective fuel systems cause an explosion during a collision.

  • Defects in Brake Systems

We rely on our brakes to stop the vehicle. When any part of the brake system is defective or fails, the entire system may fail. Without working brakes, the driver may be unable to avoid a collision. Defective brakes can cause a fatal crash because the driver does not have complete control over the vehicle.

  • Acceleration Issues

Sudden acceleration has been blamed for multiple car crashes. Acceleration issues can result from a variety of different defects, including defective gear shifts, defective acceleration pedals, and defective brake systems.

  • Steering Systems

If the steering system malfunctions or fails, the driver has no control over the direction of the vehicle. A crash may be unavoidable if the steering system fails. Many parts of the steering system may be defective or malfunction, including hoses, fluid pumps, hydraulic lines, steering columns, relay rods, and, steering knuckles.

Other Vehicle Defects That May Contribute to the Cause of a Crash or an Injury

A few other vehicle defects that may be blamed for a car accident or severe injuries include:

  • Defective on-board electronic system
  • Wiring flaws
  • Fuel leaks
  • SUV & car roof collapse
  • Defective seat design
  • Power windows that fail to operate correctly
  • Defective ignition systems
  • Problems with the door latch system

If any part of the vehicle is defective, one or more parties may be liable for injuries sustained by the car’s occupants or victims of a car crash. However, determining liability may be difficult. A seasoned attorney can help you identify the cause of your injury and the parties responsible for your damages.

Liability for a Vehicle Defect Accident

One or more parties may be liable for damages caused by a vehicle defect. However, proving liability could be a complex undertaking. The automotive industry, parts manufacturers, and their insurance companies have teams of experts, investigators, adjusters, and lawyers to protect their best interest. You need a team of legal professionals on your side to protect your interest. The Clark Law Office has the legal team you need to file a vehicle defects injury claim.

Our legal team performs a thorough and comprehensive accident investigation to determine how you sustained your injury. Was the vehicle defect directly responsible for the injury (i.e. airbag or seat belt injuries) or did the defect contribute to the cause of a crash (i.e. brake failure and defective steering systems)?

Once the cause is identified, we work to prove liability under one of three product liability theories:

  • Strict Liability
  • Breach of Implied Warranty
  • Breach of Express Warranty

It is important to work with a Michigan product liability attorney who understands the various legal elements required to prove each theory of liability to increase your chance of recovering full compensation for all injuries, losses, and damages.

Compensation Available in a Vehicle Defect Injury Claim

The circumstances and facts of your case determine the compensation you may receive for your accident claim. However, by identifying all parties who may have liability in your case increases your chance of recovering the maximum compensation allowable for your claim.  In most cases, accident victims in a product liability claim are entitled to compensation for:

Increase your chance of receiving a fair and just settlement by working closely with your Okemos vehicle defects attorney to document your injuries and losses.

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