City of Lansing and State of Michigan Tip The Scales to Favor Big Business

After years of debate and numerous hearings, Lansing has finally come up with a new medical marijuana ordinance early this September. This 38 page ordinance was delayed in part because of the Medical Marijuana facilities act (MMFLA), which was passed last year. As many of you know, this new Ordinance essentially opts into the New MMFLA which allows 5 classes of licenses to be held by marijuana businesses operating in Lansing.

Field Sobriety Tests Lose Legal Standing For Now. Drugged Driving Is The Real Target

In early January of this year, lawmakers changed the Michigan Drunk Driving Statute without too much fanfare.  Their intention was to allow the “preliminary” roadside analysis to be used when determining if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugged driving.  Traditionally, a comprehensive field sobriety test such as walking a straight line,…