When you are faced with state or federal criminal charges and the stakes are high, you need a Lansing criminal defense attorney who is experienced, dependable, and willing to go the extra mile to protect your rights. We understand that being investigated by the police or being charged with criminal wrongdoing can leave anyone vulnerable and with the daunting task of taking on the justice system alone.

Have you been accused of a criminal offense in Michigan?  We understand what you and your family are going through.  Our firm has the experience, dedication, and, ability to get you the best possible result for your case.

Criminal Defense Lawyers With Over 30 Years’ Experience in Michigan Courts

Criminal Attorney in Lansing, MichiganOur attorneys at The Clark Law Office are here to help you and have been fighting for our clients for over 30 years by helping clients face the large and unfair resources of the state, prosecution, police, and other investigating agencies.

Lawmakers have made penalties continuously harsher and have increased jail sentences due to political pressures. This is made clearly obvious by the fact there were over 262,500 arrests last year in Michigan alone. On top of this, the complexities of Michigan criminal defense law add to the difficulty of protecting defendants’ rights. At stake in every criminal case is your liberty, your freedom, and your reputation.

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How Can a Lansing Criminal Defense Attorney Help Me?

Additionally, the prosecutor’s office and police often times aggressively investigate and charge for serious and violent crimes. An experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney can help counter and prevent these charges from putting you behind bars and jeopardizing your future with jail and wrongful convictions and misguided pleas. These charges in include assault and battery, home invasion, domestic violence, firearm charges and other violent crimes. Moreover, our office has extensive experience in handling cases that carry potential sentences from 20 years to life such criminal sexual assault, armed robbery, and homicide.

  • Explain the pros and cons about the possible outcomes of your case
  • Give you an idea of what to expect next
  • Mitigate the consequences of an outcome for your business and personal life
  • Keeps your information completely confidential
  • Lay out and explain your options and legal strategies available

Consequently, it is important to know that your attorney not only understands your situation and your fears but also knows how to best protect your rights and successfully handle your case. The criminal justice system is not set up to give the advantage to the accused and the full force of the state and its resources will be used against you. Justice often demands knowledgeable attorneys and a strong defense be asserted on your behalf as quickly as possible.

Complete Michigan Criminal Law Defense With Local Courtroom Experience



We defend clients from all criminal charges which include drunk driving, drug charges, traffic violations, theft crimes, domestic violence, assault and battery, and more serious and violent crimes that carry possible life sentences such as criminal sexual conduct and homicide.

The attorneys at The Clark Law Office also have extensive knowledge and experience with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and have been helping clients deal with and fight against the unfavorable Court of Appeals interpretations and aggressive enforcement by the attorney general, police agencies, and the federal government. With over 30 years of experience as criminal defense attorneys, we can help is all aspects of legal defense including:

  • Felonies

  • Misdemeanors


  • Drug Charges

  • Domestic Violence

  • Hit and Run

  • White Collar Crimes

  • Expungement

  • Traffic Violations

Our Attorneys Will Personally Handle Your Criminal Case From Start to Finish

At The Clark Law Office, one of our firm partners will handle your case from beginning to end.  We will not pass off or contract your case to an inexperienced attorney like many of the larger firms.  We believe that you should have the right to know which attorney will be defending your rights in court.  When you hire us, there is no question that you will be getting experienced legal defense with many notable case results in Michigan.

We Have The Answers To Your Criminal Law Related Questions

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  • Do I Need A Lawyer?
  • What Can I Expect From an Attorney?
  • Can I Go To Jail or Prison?
  • Will My Criminal Record Affect My Case?
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  • Will My Case Go To Trial?
  • What Penalties Am I Facing?
  • Is It Worth It To Hire an Attorney?

A Track Record of Success Defending Criminal Charges

By contacting the Lansing criminal attorneys at the Clark Law Office, we can put decades of experience in achieving justice to work for you right away. We have secured dismissals, not guilty verdicts at trial, and favorable plea bargains while making sure illegally obtained evidence never sees the inside of the courtroom. We have a proven record of successfully advocating for our clients in all criminal matters ranging from cases such as felony arson to misdemeanor drug possession. We make sure that your rights are not being violated and that you have an advocate in your corner at all times.

Harsh penalties, draconian laws, along with overzealous prosecutors and police can be a daunting and an almost insurmountable fight to lead on your own. We have a proven track record of fighting for clients at every stage in the process and obtaining acquittals through trying cases in the courtroom before juries.

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