In Michigan, assault charges can range from misdemeanors to extremely serious felonies. However, whether you have been charged with simple assault or with assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, the consequences can be harsh and it is important to find an attorney that can help you defend your case.

In every case, the prosecutors and the police will generally put their large resources to use and aggressively investigate the matter so as to achieve the highest possible charge and the greatest chance of a conviction. At the Clark Law Office we have over 30 years of experience in defending clients from assault and other violent crimes that carry penalties that exceed decades. With ability to effectively investigate your case and engage in aggressive discovery we can use our experience and knowledge in defending your assault charge and can put forth your best defense, present all your mitigating factors to the judge and prosecution while also having the ability to take your case in trial when the prosecutors simply cannot prove their case.

While there is are a range of assaultive defense some of the most common charges are simple assault, felonious assault, and domestic violence.

An assault technical occurs when a person touches another in an unwanted way or puts another in reasonable fear that an unwanted touching was about occur. While an unwanted touching can be used to convict a person of simple assault, domestic violence, or even criminal sexual assault in the fourth degree, usually more is required to prove felonious assault.

A domestic assault occurs when the alleged victim is involved with the accused in a domestic relationship. These types of domestic relationships include the relationship between current or former husband and wife; boyfriend and girlfriend, parent and child, and the relationships between other familial bonds. Penalties for domestic assault range from misdemeanors that carry under a year in jail to felonies that carry possible prison sentences depending on the severity of the alleged assault and prior history of the accused.

To be guilty of a felonious assault the prosecution must show that a dangerous weapon was used to commit the assault. Dangerous weapons can include many things including guns, bb guns, knives, shards of glass, vases, and or china. The penalties for felonious assault are up to four years in prison and a $2,000 fine or both.

Assault with intent to commit great bodily harm less murder is proved when the person committing the assault intending to cause great bodily harm but did not intend to kill or murder the victim. The penalties for assault with intent to commit included up to ten years in prison and a 5,000.00 fine or both.

If you have been charged with an assault charge it is important to start to protect your rights immediate and maintain all the defenses that you are entitled to. At the Clark Law Office we know how difficult it can be to be charged with a crime and to face allegations that can strip you of your rights and of your freedom. The attorneys at the Clark Law Office have the experience and knowledge to fight for you at every step in your case so as to resolve your case with best possible outcome and to make sure that you are prepared to stand up against the criminal justice system, police and prosecution. If you need legal help with your assault charge contact the Clark Law Office for a free consultation and to get the representation that you deserve.