There is a categorization of sex crimes in the state of Michigan for rape, sexual assault, and child molestation. Each falls under the category of Criminal Sexual Miscounduct (CSC) MCL 750.520 CSC. There are four degrees for CSC which are listed in degree of severity such as CSC First Degree, CSC Second Degree, CSC Third Degree and finally CSC Fourth Degree.

What is a sex crime in Michigan?

The first degree of a CSC is sexual penetration which is the most severe offense. Acts of sexual touching and other unwanted menacing sexual behavior is considered second degree CSC. In the third degree of CSC there is abuse of professional, social or familial authority over a victim, which also involves sexual penetration. The fourth degree CSC is where the perpetrator sexually touches the victim. Criminal charges can also be brought against a person who has sex with a minor, or someone 16 years old and under who cannot give consent. This offense is classified as statutory rape.

The penalties in Michigan for sex crimes are severe. A verdict of guilty will imprison a perpetrator for many years, up to life in prison, depending on potential numerous charges. Once a person is charged with a guilty verdict for a CSC, he or she must be placed on the sex offender list for 15 years, minimum. This list is a public sex offender list that is available online as well.

Law enforcement will launch a very intense investigation and aggressively prosecute against these charges. Police will use all methods of research to find evidence in the homes, computers, cell phones, phones and all electronic devices of these suspects.

When in need of Defense for a CSC; Contact Clark Law Attorney

If you are a suspect, under investigation by police detectives for CSCs, do not talk to these detectives or the police about anything regarding this development. This would also include, silence among family members, friends, co workers and religious mentors as anyone in your circle could be questioned and even cross examined in court. There is no doubt that hiring an experienced CSC Criminal attorney in Lansing Michigan, is the best plan to execute immediately. You will need protection from the harsh penalties that could be charged against you along with prison time, if found guilty. For a free consultation, please contact the attorneys at The Clark Law Office.