Anyone who has been charged with a serious felony offense is in need of a competent criminal defense attorney. Those who find themselves in such a situation know they can turn to an experienced and aggressive attorney in Lansing. He is David Clark of the Clark Law Office.

There are few things more serious than being charged with a felony. It comes with it the prospect of a long trial, and in the event of a conviction a possibly long prison sentence or at least a period of community service, as well as a large fine and the cost of restitution to the victim. Long after that, there could be a period of probation and a permanent mark on the offender’s record. Those convicted of serious felonies can also face the prospect of losing certain constitutional rights, including the right to possess a weapon and to vote.

Felonies are among the most heavily-prosecuted criminal offenses. They will also result in the longest prison sentences and the heaviest fines. Besides the criminal sanctions, a conviction can ruin someone’s reputation and future career plans. David Clark has defended those charged with the most serious crimes, including murder and manslaughter, felonious assault, rape and other sex offenses, armed robbery, carjacking, automobile theft, arson, firearms charges, kidnapping and domestic violence. His considerable experience in the area of Michigan criminal law can help the defendant fight off the charges facing him or her.

A good criminal defense attorney can be the best friend of an accused felon. The attorney can explain and help protect the defendent’s rights and provide guidance through the bail and preliminary hearing portions of the criminal justice process. The defense attorney can help the defendant on the decision of accepting or rejecting a plea-bargain. Throughout the trial the defense attorney will do everything to guarantee the rights of the client and fight for an acquittal. A defense attorney is an expert in countering the statements of the prosecutor and obtaining testimony from witnesses and experts in the courtroom. A lawyer will also understand rules pertaining to the suppression of evidence and will know how to introduce motions to dismiss the charges.

Those charged with serious crimes should never jeopardize their rights or their freedoms. They can help protect them by employing the services of a good criminal defense attorney. The number one priority of the Clark Law Office is successfully overcoming whatever charges face its clients.