Violations of firearms laws or committing a crime while in possession of a firearm is a very serious matter. States all across the country have toughened their firearms laws in recent years, Michigan is no exception.

Michigan has Strict Firearms Laws

The State of Michigan is strict about firearms. The laws are tough and law enforcement will not hesitate to bring charges and prosecute to the full potential of the law. When arrested for a firearm violation you should contact a competent criminal attorney for your defense. Not all criminal attorneys are competent in every criminal matter. Some criminal lawyers specialize in DUIs and passion cases, while others specialize in fraud and white collar crime, they will have little experience and in adequate knowledge regarding the gun laws. You need a lawyer knowledgeable about Michigan’s gun laws to help build a winning defense for your case. It is imperative that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney that specializes in firearm charges, to help you understand your case and protect your constitutional and legal rights in court.

Violations of most of the gun laws in Michigan are considered felonies and the penalties are severe. Not only can you receive a long time in prison, but a felony conviction will follow you for the rest of your life and effect almost everything you do going forward. Just carrying a concealed weapon can land you in prison. A first time offender convicted of a felony firearm charge faces a mandatory 2 year minimum prison sentence. For repeat offenders the minimum is 5 years and if the firearm was used while committing another crime you can bet a conviction will bring many years behind bars. It is illegal to carry a firearm on certain premises, such as a church, school, court building, hospital and theater among others places. So even if your gun is licensed you can break the law carrying a concealed weapon. Call David M. Clark of the Clark Law Office for help with your gun charge problem.

All firearm charges have unique circumstances, put our extensive experience to work for you to formulate a specialized defense strategy based on the particular circumstances of the case. Let one of our qualified lawyers go to work for you and start the discovery process to strengthen your defense.

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