How Do I Prove My Innocence?

No one wants to think that the best judicial system in the world can fail its citizens. However, there are innocent people who are arrested and convicted because no system is perfect. For the most part, our judicial system in the United States works as it is intended to work. It puts guilty people in jail and keeps innocent people from going to jail. However, when you are falsely accused of a crime, it may seem as if the system has failed you.

Being Arrested and Being Guilty Are Not the Same

The police and prosecutors assume you are guilty when you are arrested. In many cases, the police believe they have the guilty person and do not investigate any other persons. However, you are not guilty until the prosecution proves its case in court and a judge or jury finds you guilty. You have the right to defend yourself against criminal charges by presenting your evidence proving your innocence.

Even though you are innocent, you need to take steps to protect your legal rights and maintain your freedom.  The first step is hiring an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney. An attorney can help you fight false criminal accusations.

What Should I Do If I Am Arrested for A Crime I Did Not Commit?

It may be very difficult, but you need to remain calm. A clear head is necessary to protect yourself. Your freedom could be at stake if you are found guilty of these charges. Therefore, even if you are innocent, you may need to go to trial to fight the charges. The fight begins as soon as you are arrested.

First, do not resist when you are arrested. The time to argue against these charges will come later. If you resist arrest, you could be charged with another crime. Instead of reacting negatively, listen to the officers and follow instructions. Be respectful and fight the urge to yell or explain why you are innocent. Remain silent except for providing the basic information. If you are questioned, you should respectfully inform the officers that you want to consult your attorney before answering any questions.

An officer may try to convince you that it is in your best interest to cooperate. If you do not, the officer may try to bully you or intimidate you so that you answer questions. However, you have the legal right to consult an attorney before you answer questions.

Telling your side of the story will not help. Trying to argue that you should not be in a police station will not help. Officers want to obtain information and evidence they can use against you. They will use your desire to prove your innocence against you if they believe they can convince you to answer questions without consulting an attorney.

Force the Prosecution to Prove Their Case

You are presumed innocent until the prosecution proves otherwise. You should not make the prosecutor’s job easy by cooperating with the investigation, providing a statement, or answering questions. Do not make it easier for the prosecutor by trying to represent yourself. You need a criminal defense attorney to prevent the prosecution from violating your legal rights. You need an attorney to prevent the prosecutor from taking advantage of your fear of being convicted to offer you a bad plea bargain that is not in your best interest. Let us help you prove your innocence.

Call for a Free Consultation with A Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal charge is a serious matter. Regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty, you need a criminal defense attorney at your side to fight for your legal rights. Our attorneys have the experience, skills, and resources you need as you fight to retain your freedom.

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