Driver’s License Restoration in The State of Michigan

Losing your driver’s license is losing your freedom. Instead of being able to come and go as you please, you must rely on family, friends, public transportation, or your own two feet to get you where you need to go. Unfortunately, losing your driving privileges goes far beyond losing the ability to come and go as you please. A revocation of your driver’s license can have serious economic consequences if you rely on your vehicle to get to work.  For a parent, losing his or her driving privileges impacts the family in addition to the individual. Your children rely on you to get them to school, practices, and social functions. Without a car, travel arrangements can become a nightmare. You suffer and your children suffer.

Get Your Michigan Driver’s License Restored

Our attorneys can help you with your Michigan driver’s license reinstatement case. Just because the judge, prosecutor, or police officer told you that you have no chance to get your driving privileges restored does not mean they were correct. An experienced Michigan drivers license restoration lawyer can review your case and give you an honest answer that is in your best interest. Call 517-347-6900 to request a free consultation now!

The License Restoration Process Can be Confusing, Frustrating, and Overwhelming

Many people are not successful in restoring their driving privileges because they do not understand the process. Hiring an experienced driver’s license restoration attorney can help relieve the stress of dealing with the appeal process while avoiding some of the mistakes that can result in a denial of your appeal.  In many cases, the person’s driving privileges were suspended or revoked because he or she was convicted of two or more DUI offenses of drugged-driving offenses within seven years. If this is the case, you must file for a DAAD (Driver Assessment and Appeal Division) Hearing.  At the DAAD Hearing, you have a very high burden of proof because you must prove you will never drink or use drugs again. Yes, that is right!  You are not trying to convince the officer that you will not drink and drive or use drugs and drive, but that you will abstain from using drugs or alcohol for any reason. If you tell the officer you understand when you are drinking you cannot drive, you will lose because you just admitted you still consume alcohol. The burden of proof in a DAAD Hearing is “clear and convincing” evidence. The burden can be difficult to overcome, especially if you do not have experience legal counsel by your side providing guidance, advice, and support through the license restoration process.

Beginning the License Restoration Process

You must begin by completing a series of forms and filing those forms with the Michigan Secretary of State Driver Assessment and Appeal division:

It is extremely important that all required forms and documentation be completed correctly. Mistakes and errors on the forms could result in a delay or a denial of your claim. Our Lansing driver license restoration attorneys can help ensure your appeal begins correctly and proceeds toward the outcome you desire.  Our attorneys assist clients with:

  • Habitual drunk driving revocations
  • DUI and OWI suspensions and revocations
  • Hardship appeals
  • Implied consent revocations
  • Violations of license restrictions
  • Circuit court revocation appeals
  • DWLS

What If I Do Not Have an Interlock System?

If for any reason you were not required to use a breath alcohol ignition interlock device, you will likely be required to use one now for at least one year. Your driver’s license will be restricted based on using this device. After a year with no problems, you can qualify for an unrestricted driver’s license.

Do something now to get your driver’s license restored!

A driver’s license is a necessity, not a luxury. When you lose your driving privileges, you can lose your job, and you do not have the ability to care for your family’s needs.  If you have a revoked license, you cannot operate a motor vehicle, even for emergency purposes.  Being caught driving without a license is a criminal offense that could result in additional punishments, including another one to five years of revoked driving privileges.  It is essential you have an experienced attorney assist you when you are seeking to restore your driving privileges. One simple mistake could result in a denial of your appeal or request. Our attorneys are committed to helping you successfully appeal your driver’s license revocation so that you can restore your driving privileges for yourself and your family.

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