All theft charges in Michigan are serious crimes that can bring the possibility of hefty fines including either jail or prison. While theft crimes include larceny, retail fraud and auto related crimes such as unlawful driving away of automobile, other crimes such as home invasion, robbery, and burglary can be considered crimes that can include theft elements.

Because there are such a wide range of theft crimes in Michigan, the specific offense can either be considered a misdemeanor that carries a possible jail sentence of up to 93 days while certain other offenses are defined as felonies and can carry serious prison time, as much as 20 years or life.

At the Clark Law Office we have extensive knowledge in defending people accused of all types of theft crimes. For 30 years the David M. Clark and the Clark Law Office have been helping clients achieve dismissals, not guilty verdicts, and extremely favorable plea bargains when they were facing theft charges.

Prosecutors and police consider theft crimes and crimes involving breaking and entering such as home invasion and burglary to be extremely serious offenses and aggressively investigate the charges while using their large resources to obtain witness, surveillance, evidence, and statements to make sure that they can charge the highest charge and obtain a conviction. Because taking on the intricacies of the criminal justice system and the over bearing resources of the prosecution and police, it is extremely important to find an advocate that will fight for you at every step in the process from arraignment to trial.

In aggressively pursuing discovery and with the ability to investigate your case and the circumstances surrounding your charges The Clark Law Office can help put forth your best defenses while also insuring that situation and specific circumstances are presenting in the most favorable light. In knowing law and with the experience in defending theft crimes the Clark Law Office can help protect your constitutional rights from being violated with regard to statements made to the police or evidence that was obtained illegally, while also determine when the prosecution can’t prove their case and the ability to go to trial to prove it.

If you have been charged and need legal help in defending the criminal allegations made against you call the Clark Law Office and get the representation you need.