All types of prescription and over the counter drug are easily available to the consumer, but even the Food and Drug Administration admits that not all negative reactions to products are fully known when some drugs are brought onto the marketplace. The fact that prescription drugs are advertised in main stream television channels and other notable outlets shows how much the safety standards have dropped over recent years. I always felt that a doctor should be the one qualified to give medical advice and prescribe medicine, not some misleading advertisement. A dose of defective medicine or other type of supplement can cause life threatening injuries and bring about many other complications. Drug manufactures have a duty to provide safe products. If they fail to make good on this duty, they can be responsible for the costs related to your injury.

Making a case against a large company such as a pharmaceutical can require vast resources and specialized knowledge. The opposing legal team will be well informed about medical issues since they routinely deal with complicated health issues. You need an experienced drug attorney to handle your case and decide what the best avenue is for your case. David M. Clark provides 30 years of litigating injury cases and we have the ability to win big cases in trial or get you a fair settlement. Most defective product cases require extensive research and expert witnesses to prove that the drug manufacturer should be held responsible, and we will work closely with specialists in the field when formulating your legal strategy.

The pharmaceutical industry is annually one of the most profitable. Although they claim their products are rigorously tested and research, there’s no arguing that there are way too many injuries resulting from their products. You may think that these companies are doing what is best for you, but they may cut corners or push unsafe products in the pursuit of corporate profits. There is a lot of pressure on management by money driven stockholders to hit price projections and drug companies are always looking for quicker approvals and less strict regulations by the FDA. This creates an unsafe environment where the testing agency is forced make faster than normal approvals before all is known about a drug or product.

If you or a loved one has encountered a dangerous drug and sustained an injury in any form, you should contact our personal injury law firm so we can get started on your case and give you the best chance for success. We will immediately start an investigation and work for a quick result so that you go back to living a normal life. We charge no fees on any defective drug cases and offer free consultations to all our clients. Call us or email for more information or to talk over your situation.