Defective Medical Devices Lawyers in Michigan

Even though modern medical devices have greatly benefited the healthcare industry, these devices can have catastrophic consequences when they are defective.  Instead of helping the patients during a time of need, the defective medical device fails and ends up injuring or harming them further.  Instead of issuing an expensive recall of the device, large manufacturers will try to hide the underlying problem and deny that anything is wrong with their product.

Manufacturers of medical devices are known to put products on the market even though they have a very good chance of causing injury or home to the end-user.  These large companies also don’t disclose all of the potential harm that their products are capable of inflicting.  Because of the importance of medical equipment, it must be approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.  That being said, the liability falls on the manufacturer of the device and they are responsible to ensuring the product is safe.  Our personal injury attorneys can help you file and win your defective medical device lawsuit.

Who is Ultimately Responsible For a Defective Medical Device?

Not all medical devices are engineered perfectly, but the creator is still responsible for thoroughly testing the device and informing the FDA of both the faults of the product and the risk of the product.  If a company does not disclose this information properly, the can be held liable for any injuries or harm.  If the product is put on the market and is not safe to use for it’s desired purpose, you have a potential medical device lawsuit.  The purpose of filing a medical device lawsuit is to seek compensation the victims who have been injured due to the defective device.  If you have a successful lawsuit against a large device manufacturer, you could receive significant compensation for your injuries.  In some instances, defective devices cause death and a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed instead.

How is a Defective Product Sold in Large Quantities?

The intention of the manufacturer is not to hurt patients.  Usually, the device does not go through enough testing or the reasearch stage was cut short.  These companies need more products on the market fast and many times they cut some corners to do so.   This doesn’t always result in a defective product, but it certainly increases the likelihood of it being defective.  The FDA has it own approval process but even they miss defects once in a while.  Unfortunately, a recall isn’t usually issued until multiple people have become injured and start a legal complaint.

Popular Types of Medical of Devices That Are Commonly Defective

  • Pacemakers that have stopped working or failed to maintain a normal rhythm
  • Valve Implants for the Heart that leak or break which causes repeated surgeries or wrongful death
  • An insulin pump malfunction
  • Implant or Medical Device that can cause damage to the immune system
  • Defective knee replacement
  • Non-sterilized or improper equipment causing infection
  • Birth devices that cause infection or miscarriage

Why Should I File a Lawsuit?

If you or a loved one become injured by a defective medical device, you deserve to be compensated by the irresponsible manufacturing company.  You should not have to pay further medical expenses caused by the device and you should also be compensated for your pain/suffering.  In order to hold the company responsible, you must file a lawsuit.  If a friend or family member dies because of a defective product, a large compensation is required for additional funeral costs and securing the financial future of the family.  At The Clark Law Office, we understand how sensitive and important product liability claims are.  If you have been injured or harmed by a defective medical device, call us today at 517-34-6900 for a free consultations with an attorney you can trust!


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