Stability is one of the most important things for your children as you’re going through a legal separation or divorce. A key element of stability will be ensuring the children involved are able to maintain the same standard of living their accustomed to having. Divorcing parents should remember that an ending marriage or partnership with a significant other doesn’t mean that your parental responsibilities are ending too. There’s not only a moral and ethical obligation to ensure the financial security of your children, but a legal one as well.

Your Legal Responsibility

Your legal responsibility is laid out under child support law. Two divorcing parents actually agreeing on how much child support will be paid is rare, which is why an experienced law office like Clark Law Office is invaluable during your divorce and child custody agreement. If both parties are unable to compromise and come to a mutual agreement on child support, then a court intervention will be necessary. The formula the court system uses to determine which parent pays child support to the other and how much money each parent will be required to pay for the support of the child is complex. This complex formula consists of factors such as the following:

  • Each parent’s earned income
  • The number of children eligible for child support
  • The child custody arrangement, or how much parenting time each parent will have
  • How many, if any, of the children have special needs that would require additional monetary support
  • Which parent claims the children on tax forms
  • What parent is paying for the children’s health insurance deductibles and other incurred medical expenses
  • Whether or not any of the parents are paying child support to someone outside the relationship in question
  • Whether or not there are any other costs connected with the care or raising of the children

Modification of Child Support

Of course, time can often bring changes to either the children’s needs and/or the paying parent’s circumstances. Once a child support order has been made by the court, either parent involved can petition the court for a modification to meet these types of significant changes. Such a request is usually reviewed or heard by the Friend of the Court. Any significant changes to the needs of the children and/or the paying parent’s continued ability to pay the amount of child support ordered will be examined. This is an important step if there needs to be a modification to child support, and you’d be prudent to have an experienced attorney in your corner for advice and representation.

Seek Legal Counsel From An Experienced Attorney

During this stressful, daunting, and sometimes saddening time, you naturally want to make your divorce as painless as possible for your children and yourself -and- provide/receive the necessary funds to continue the quality of life both you and your children are accustomed to having. To best ensure both these desires come to fruition, you need to contact a knowledgeable, experienced attorney like David M. Clark at the Clark Law Office to receive the representation you need and ensure you aren’t either paying too much or receiving too little. At Clark Law Office we will work to ensure your child support arrangement, whether you’re the supporting spouse or the spouse seeking child support, is fair, adequate, and to your satisfaction.

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