For Every 36 Seconds, There is One Divorce In The US.  The Impact is Often Overlooked.

Unfortunately, divorce is much too common in our current society and it happens way more often than people realize.  Because a divorce is so common, many forget that it is one of the few experiences in life that will dramatically alter your life forever.  40% of marriages in the US end up in divorce, 60% of people who marry a second time end up getting divorce and 70% of third marriages are also believed to end in a divorce.  In addition to this, the average length of a marriage is only 8 years.  Given these surprising stats, it’s clear that there is a fairly likely chance that a divorce could happen to you and your family.

Looking For Facts and Statistics About Divorce in The United States?

Our law firm just created a new infographic that depicts some common facts and statistics about divorce in the USA.  A divorce is a one of the few experiences in life that can dramatically alter your life forever.  Here at The Clark Law Office, we know first hand how emotional an divorce can be for you and your entire family. Over the last 30 years of practicing divorce law, we have guided our clients through the complex and emotional divorce process while advocating for the best possible outcome possible.  There is a lot of misinformation regarding divorce and we hope that this infographic can provide some insightful information and statistics

Do I Need To Hire a Divorce Attorney For My Case?

You may think you’re divorce will go smoothly, but unfortunately most divorce cases are not settled amicably.  Because there is so much at stake and a divorce is such an emotional and potentially life altering experience, it’s important that you have skilled legal counsel to help you through the process and advocate for the best possible result.  For a confidential and free case evaluation, call one of our top divorce attorneys at (517) 347-6900.


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