In Michigan drug possession charges can be very serious charges. Because the penalties range from 1 year misdemeanors to 20 year felonies depending on the substance and amounts involved it is important hire an attorney that can help protect your rights and put forward your best defenses.

At the Clark Law Office we have over 30 years of experience in successfully defending clients against drug possession charges. Possession of marijuana and other controlled substances such as cocaine, heroin, or meth not only carry burdensome fines and possible jail sentences, but additionally carry driving sanctions and can impact your job, future employability, and reputation. When facing the implications of a conviction or adverse sentence due to drug charges having an attorney by your side that will advocate for you and raise all your defenses and argue for the most favorable treatment possible is indispensable.

The Clark Law Office has achieved through experience, knowledge of the drug laws and constitutional rights numerous dismissals, acquittals at trial, immensely favorable plea bargains and exclusion of illegally obtained evidence.

When facing drug possession charges prosecutors can typically prove possession in two basic ways. The first is through actual physical possession of the controlled substance such as marijuana or cocaine. This is the equivalent of someone holding a pen in their hand. The fact that there is evidence that the person had been holding the pen is what would be referred to as actual physical possession and can be demonstrated through eye witness testimony, police observation and other such methods like surveillance. The other type of possession which is much easier to show is called constructive possession. Constructive possession means that while you might not have been near or even in the same room as the controlled substance you still had some type of right of access, right or control or some type of dominion over the substance.

Because it is much easier to prove constructive possession often times statements to the police and other such conversations with investigators or other parties after an arrest or seizure of the evidence has occurred ends up jeopardizing your case and your rights. Because police often times seek consent to search and seize when they do not have the right to or attempt to coerce admissions when none are appropriate police often get away with conduct that should bar the evidence from every seeing the inside of the court. This is why it is important to call an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to help protect your rights and your defenses.

At the Clark Law Office we know that being charged with a crime is not just a stressful and harrowing experience but that going it alone poses major challenges when confronted with a justice system, police force, prosecutors and their immense resources all aimed directly at you so as to achieve a conviction. If you have been charged with a drug crime or drug possession call Lawyers with experience and knowledge to help guard your rights and help you through the challenges. Call the Clark Law Office.