All drug charges are serious and carry punishment that include jail or prison time, fines, costs, loss of drivers license and probation with oversight fees, drops and community service. Possession of a drug and use of a drug are punished less harshly than the charge of intent to distribute. 

“However, a prosecutor to maintain a distribution charge can by law claim a person is distributing based solely on the amount of the drug, even without hard evidence of sales and distribution. Therefore, even if you or someone you know is being investigated for a methamphetamine crime, you need to consult and hire a lawyer immediately to minimize the chances that the more serious charges are brought against you.”

The Clark Law Office has over thirty years of experience in defending against methamphetamine charges and will employ our experience to get the best results for you.  There are many defenses that can be used to get a good result.  If you are charged and convicted of methamphetamine use, possession of distribution or manufacture there are very harsh criminal consequences and you will need a skilled lawyer.  Get the experience and get the results.  Call us today for a free consultation.

Criminal Defense Firm Fighting Charges of Methamphetamine Possession

Police and prosecutors take these charges very seriously and have put a lot of resources in the prosecution of these types of cases.  They want to put you in jail or prison as long as possible under the law.  The police see this crime as one of their top priorities in capture and conviction. You will need the experience of The Clark Law office to help defend against the very aggressive tactics of the prosecutors and their special law enforcement teams.  You will need an attorney that will thoroughly investigate your case and leave no stone unturned in your defense.  Do not wait……. get thirty years of experience on your side.

Michigan Crystal Meth Possession with Intent Attorneys

Meth is a Schedule 2 illegal substance in Michigan. It is considered to be highly addictive and damaging to human health and prosecutors and there special team of agents will go to great lengths to prosecute those who they believe are involved with the production and distribution of meth.  We are dedicated to protecting your rights from wrongful police activities and protecting your constitutional rights from overzealous prosecutors.   For thirty years, we have been protecting citizens rights so that no Michigan citizen is wrongly accused of methamphetamine possession with intent, or forced into a harsh, damaging, sentence when better options are available.


If you find yourself a suspect, being investigated, or charged with anything related to methamphetamine give us a call today and we can protect your rights and give you the tough defense that you need and deserve!

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Attorneys Defending Clients in Criminal Meth Possession with Intent to Sell or Deliver Cases in Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and All of Michigan

Methamphetamines, known as “crystal meth,” “ice,” “chalk,” or “crank” are illegal without prescription and can have dangerous side-effects. Meth initially produces feelings of euphoria and energy, however the drug user may also experience hallucinations, convulsions, and even heart attack. Larger and larger quantities of the drug are needed by the body to get the same “high” or “rush” and due to the dangerous chemicals in the drug, it can cause serious health problems including damaging internal organs, deteriorating your teeth, and more negative health effects.

Meth is cooked using dangerous chemical labs. Cooking the drug can cause a serious environmental damage to the area in which the chemicals are stored or cooked. There are restrictions on the basic chemicals of the drug. Even over the counter medications and batteries in your possession can cause a prosecutor or police to believe you are a dealer and to try in put in you in jail or prison. The aggression of the prosecution and the police can blind them to important details of every case and can lead to putting the wrong people behind bars. We will dig to get the details and to provide you the best result for your specific case.

What Are The Penalties For Meth Possession in Michigan?

Using methamphetamine or crystal meth is a misdemeanor charge in Michigan carrying a possible sentence of up to one year in jail and a potential fine of $2,000. Methamphetamine possession is a felony charge with a possible penalty of 10 years in jail and a $15,000 fine. If police and prosecutors manage to turn one of these charges into a possession with intent to distribute case, however, you will be subject to extremely severe criminal penalties that could put you behind bars for 20 years, and make you forfeit up to $25,000. Furthermore, the sentencing guidelines for this charge is not favorable. Like some other drug charges, police often try to impose even harsher sanctions by claiming the sale took place at or near schools, parks or in the presence of firearms (a mandatory 2 years in prison or and above and other sentence and penalty).

Meth possession with intent cases often involve large amounts of the drug or chemicals to a make the drug, and criminal penalties and civil forfeiture laws can come into play. Under the forfeiture laws the police can seize money, cars, real estate and other valuables that they claim were involved with or obtained with drug money. You will need the help of The Clark Law Office to protect you and your property.

If you have children in your home and are accused of making methamphetamine, child protective services may step in and try and take away your children and even terminate your parental rights. Lead attorney David M. Clark will look at your criminal case keeping in mind all of the penalties criminal and civil in mind and direct you through the maze for the best results for you.

Our Proven Approach to Charges of Criminal Methamphetamine Possession

The Clark Law office will look through every facet of your criminal meth possession case and we will let you know in detail the legal options you have. It is important that you understand the legal issues surrounding your case and know what every legal option that is available for you and your future. It is our goal to get you the best results for you and will use our experience and legal talents to defend you aggressively.

The police and prosecutors often use very aggressive tactics in your arrest.  They often use undercover agents, confidential sources, and search warrants.  These aggressive tactics can often backfire because police often make mistakes in their desire to prosecute.  If you are the victim of an unconstitutional search and seizure, we will defend your rights and move for the case to be dismissed or the illegally obtained evidence excluded.

The Clark Law office feels strongly that if you have been wrongfully accused of methamphetamine possession or meth possession with intent to sell, deliver or manufacture to make sure you are not unjustly treated by the system. All meth intent to deliver or manufacture cases are extremely serious with dire consequences and we knows this and handle all aspects of your case with care and circumspection.  The Clark Law Office will take the time and commit the resources necessary for building your defense.

Our Office has proven itself over the past thirty years.  We have the results that show why we have a reputation of being a leader in criminal litigation, so you can be confident that your case will be handled with care and you will get the best result possible.

Don’t be forced into unreasonable options and harsh sentences. The Clark Law Office will explore all of your sentencing options to help the court focus on treatment rather than punishment. If it is your first criminal drug offense, there are options for a suspended sentence that will keep you out of jail and the conviction off your record.

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With our office, you will get the best criminal litigators with proven results over 3 decades. Call us today to get a free consultation with a drug crime defense lawyer now at (517) 347-6900.  Even if you have been convicted of a crime and sentenced, it is not too late to continue your defense.  We offer post-conviction relief and appeal services. If you want the best result for your case, you need the best representation.  The Clark Law Office consistently delivers impressive outcomes for all drug related charges in Michigan.