Motorcycle Defects Cases in Michigan

Engines are a leading cause of motorcycle defectsDefects in a motorcycle are one of the major causes of motorcycle accidents in Michigan. These accidents can lead to serious injuries or even death of motorcycle riders.  Even accidents that may seem caused by human error or other factors may actually be because of a motorcycle defect. In this case, manufacturers should be held accountable for their faulty products. If you are a victim of a large motorcycle company’s negligence, you must be equipped with the knowledge and support to protect your rights.  You might be able to collect financial compensation with the help of an experienced attorney and hold the manufacturer responsible so they don’t continue to injure other drivers on the road.

Motorcycle Accidents Due to Defects

Recalled motorcycle units, whether due to major or minor defects, are not new in the industry. Technically, motorcycle units should be assessed and reviewed carefully before being released in the market. This is most important for motorcycles since it is one of the transportation modes where motorists are literally exposed to the road.  However, unforeseen circumstances and problems are inevitable. The most common defects can be found in the following:

  • Engine

Your motorcycle engine may fail you in times where you must keep going on the road, like highways. This is dangerous and can also cause inconvenience to other motorists. Abrupt and unexpected stops are unwelcome when driving.

  • Fuel Tank

A small flaw in a motorcycle fuel tank can lead to a gas leak. Motorcycle fires and explosions are unexpected accidents that can happen in an instant, causing severe burn injuries and even death.

  • Frame

The motorcycle frame is crucial in its overall integrity. It is made to withstand all kinds of driving conditions, no matter the speed and environment. Structural failure can cause major accidents. Instead of protecting your motorcycle parts and engine safe from outside elements, it can lead to a crash just because of a manufacturer defect. Even slight flaws can cause accumulation of dust or rust to the insides of your motorcycle, eventually leading to some significant damage.

  • Brakes

Motorcycle collisions and accidents due to brake failure are prevalent. Motorcycle crashes are among the most deadly accidents that motorists can suffer from.

  • Handlebars

Proper steering is also vital when on the road because it can help you avoid bumps and collisions. However, there are times when the handlebar would not work with the driver properly because of a manufacturing defect.

  • Wheels and Tires

The quality and manufacturing of your motorcycle wheels and tires are essential to keep you from skidding on the road. Tire explosion can also happen even if the motorcycle owner takes proper care and maintenance of the wheel and tire.

  • Overall Design

New motorcycle designs must not be made with just the aesthetics and buyer appeal in mind. The structure of the motorcycle also requires physics and mechanical engineering to remain stable and functioning all throughout. The motorcycle must be designed according to legal standards and follow quality specifications before being released to the public.

How to Prevent Accidents due to Defective Motorcycles

Here are some ways to avoid getting into accidents due to motorcycle defects.

  1. Know your motorcycle.

Years of riding experience will give the driver the skill of “feeling” their motorcycle. Most will notice minute changes in their engine or how their motorbike accelerates on the road. Listening to your motorcycle can help you notice warning signs and identify the defect before it happens.

  1. Routine maintenance

Some motorcyclists also have the skill of working on their motorcycle with their own hands. This enables them to do maintenance work themselves and see when something is wrong. Taking your motorcycle to a trusted and reliable mechanic from time to time can also prevent accidents.

  1. Be updated.

There are different ways to be updated with the current news in the motorcycle industry. You can read from websites like public announcements from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to check for recalls or strike a conversation with your peers to talk about what they have noticed in the new motorcycles. Make sure you are always updated as manufacturers usually inform their buyers if a recall takes place.

Getting Compensation for Accidents from Defective Motorcycles

Motorcycle accidents caused by defective parts can lead to serious injuries and even death. If a rider is injured because of manufacturer negligence, the company is obliged to cover the cost of the accident. This includes hospital expenses, from doctor’s fee, medical charges, surgery, laboratory tests, wage loss, and rehabilitation.

The victim must be compensated until full recovery. Lost wages are also included, which is very important if the injured or deceased victim is the breadwinner of the family.

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