Left Turn Motorcycle Collisions in Michigan

Getting involved in a motorcycle collision can be devastating. One moment you’re cruising down the road, wind on your face, having a relaxing time and then the next moment you find yourself waking up in a hospital. Left turn collisions are one of the most common types of accidents that usually involve a motorcycle.

A left turn collision happens when a car makes a left-hand turn in front of a motorcycle. When this happens suddenly and unannounced, the motorcycle driver does not have enough time to react and move away from the path of the turning vehicle resulting in a head-on-collision. The results of such a poor driving decision may result in devastating consequences, especially for motorcyclists in Michigan, a state having a partial helmet law.

Partial helmet law is different from a universal helmet law in that it allows some certified Michigan motorcycle drivers to ride without a helmet provided that they are over 21 and carry additional insurance with them.

Left Turn Collision Statistics in Michigan

Based on the data provided by the Michigan Traffic Crash Facts website, there were 2,964 motorcycle crashes in 2017. Out of the total number of accidents, 137 resulted in fatalities while 2,238 resulted in different gravities of injuries.

Another set of data from the same website illustrated that there were a total of 7,601 left turn crashes in the entire state of Michigan in 2017. 143 of these crashes involved a motorcycle. When it comes to injuries, 40 percent or more than 3,000 of the left turn collision resulted in injuries. Luckily, there were no pedestrians involved. About 59 percent of the left turn crashes also resulted in property damages.

When it comes to the condition of the driver during the left turn crash, 153 of the 7,601 accidents had drunk drivers, 292 were distracted drivers, and 38 have been confirmed of using drugs during the time of the accident.

Moving into the specific counties in Michigan, Wayne had the highest number of left turn crashes with 1,350 cases. They are then followed by Oakland and Kent with 1,250 and 819 respectively.

If you get involved in a left turn crash, make sure to call the police and if possible, ask for witnesses in the area. 95 percent of the left turn crashes in 2017 were investigated on the scene so it’s crucial that you do your own investigation too and be diligent in getting facts that will help you and your accident lawyer with your case.

When you find yourself in a left turn collision, make sure that check your health condition as well as your passenger’s condition. Once you’re confident that everything is stable, immediately contact the police. If you already have access to a personal injury lawyer, it’s best to call them soon so they can help you with any legal issues about your situation.

Causes of Left Turn Motorcycle Collisions

Many factors can cause a left-turn collision. What’s most important is for the motorcycle drivers to always ride their motorcycles with 100% awareness and caution on the road.

Below are just some of the causes which can result in left turn accidents while on the road:

  • Not paying full attention to the road
  • Attempting to turn before a light change
  • Passing other vehicles
  • Recklessly driving into an intersection at the wrong time
  • Distracted driving which can include texting, talking on a mobile phone, listening to loud music, eating or drinking while driving
  • Not being able to see stop signs clearly, stop lights and/or other traffic signals

Whatever the cause of the accident may be, if you get into an unfortunate accident such as a left turn collision, it’s best to get in touch with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Michigan who can help protect your legal rights on the case.

Left Turn Collision Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Michigan

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