Police officers are required to use force during the line of duty. Most of the time, this force is appropriate considering the job and taking their own safety and the safety of surrounding individuals into account. On the other hand, citizens also have the right to fair treatment and many officers forget this. In some occasions, excessive force or brutality is used by an officer of the law. Most commonly, power is abused by the authorities and someone gets seriously hurt as a result. Cops are rarely held accountable, but you need to protect your rights given to you and seek justice for the wrongdoing committed. Do not be intimidated or scared and don’t let the responsible escape justice. If you have been injured because of an instance of misconduct, you are entitled to compensation under both state and federal laws.

Governmental agencies and police officers are well protected and it can be an uphill battle fighting without the help of an experienced attorney. We feel that no person deserves to be mistreated by the police. We have helped people all over the state who have had their rights and privileges violated by the authorities. Police misconduct can take many forms but the most common include excessive force, improper searches and seizures, false arrests, false imprisonment, and police brutality. With the amount of power they hold, a negligent decision can have severe negative consequences on your life and the life of your friends and family. We will work closely with you to ensure that you get the personal attention you need and the financial compensation to cover the costs of your injuries.

In a case like this, there are a number of things we can do that will help your case. We can attain all footage captured from the police car, gather all relevant witness testimonies, and go over the scene of the accident in great detail. Whether you have been mistreated by local officers, state troopers, a sheriff or even a Department of Natural Resources Officer, we can help recover damages to pay for your injuries and losses sustained.

David M. Clark and The Clark Law Office help clients after a police misconduct or brutality injuries all over Michigan including Lansing, East Lansing, and Okemos. We understand your questions and concerns; we will use our experience in injury law to work for you. We will conduct an investigation about the conduct and ensure that your injuries are properly documented and analyzed. Call us today and we will immediately get started on a resolution to your case. You will not have to pay us any fees upfront and will only pay us if we win your case.