Can I switch attorneys in the middle of a personal injury or vehicle accident case in Michigan?

A lot of people ask us: Can I switch law firms in the middle of my case?  Of course, you can.  You need to have an attorney who is the right one to help you win.  A personal injury lawsuit could possibly be the largest financial decision of your lifetime.  You should trust that the attorney working for you is going to get the job done.  The winning reputation of David M. Clark and Matthew R. Clark is maintained through client trust and word-of-mouth.  If you decide to hire The Clark Law Office, we will make the switch easy for you.  You simply sign a document stating that you no longer want to be represented by your current lawyer.  From there, we will handle everything including contacting your former attorney who is obligated to send us all the information pertaining to your case.  The decision can be made comfortably if you feel he/she isn’t getting the job one and a switch feels right to you.  There will be no awkward moments.  Call us at (517) 347-6900.

Why should I switch lawyers?

The #1 complaint most people have about their attorneys is they simply don’t communicate with their clients or they are extremely hard to get a hold of.  Most people are frustrated and unhappy that their attorney is not communicating well or returning phone calls.  For obvious reasons, this would frustrate anyone.  We are a Mid-Michigan based firm and we pride ourselves in our communication with our clients.  We don’t have the large case load that other larger “factory” personal injury firms have, so we have the time, dedication, and professionalism to make sure that you are always up to date with your case and available 24/7.  Your case is extremely important to us and it is treated as such.  We give your case the personal attention that it deserves, and you will be given the cell phone # of the attorney working your case from start to finish.  Try to get that at a large injury firm!

Another common reason to switch attorneys is perhaps you have hired your family attorney or a close friend and it’s apparent that you need a personal injury expert to maximize the value of your case.  Whatever the reason for questioning your current attorney, you should not be afraid to get a 2nd opinion.  People get 2nd opinions for medical advice all the time, and legal advice should be no different.  This is something that should be offered for free, regardless of the who the personal injury lawyer is.

Attorneys are not legally allowed to solicit clients, but this does not stop the unethical lawyers from doing so.  They should never be allowed to call you up after the accident and offer their services.  If you have been fooled and taken advantage of by one of these firms, give us a call.

Will I have to pay my former attorney?

This is another point of concern for injured victims looking to change representation.  They often ask: my former lawyer was being paid on a contingency fee basis, will I have to pay out of pocket for the time they invested in my case?  The answer is absolutely not!  It’s important to note that if there is no settlement or verdict on your behalf, there is no fee for an attorney.  If you do end up collecting compensation, we will reimburse the attorney from your compensation and guarantee that you won’t be double charged for legal fees.

Does switching lawyers in the middle of my case make it weaker or give me less chance of winning?

The timing and cost will simply not change.  Any expenses you have accrued beforehand will be honored.  We will get started immediately on protecting you.  Any previous discussion your attorney may have had is privileged and cannot be held as evidence in a court of law. We will never take on your case if we don’t think it is in your best interest.

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