worker-injuryGetting hurt on the job can drastically affect your life in an instant. You can usually rely on your workers compensation benefits during situations like this, but often actually receiving these benefits can be difficult. Your employer may be fighting your claim and you get denied or maybe the adjuster is not giving you a fair look. Having your benefits denied creates financial difficulties considering you are unable to earn your income. Medical bills on top of other living expenses don’t go away just because you’re hurt. This is where we can help! Our Lansing injury attorneys have helped injured workers in Michigan get the benefits they deserve for over 30 years. One of our Lansing workers compensation attorneys will work with you personally to ensure you receive all the benefits you deserve including lost wages, and medical bills. Call us today at (517) 347-6900 for a free consultation, and there are no fees on your workers comp case unless you receive financial compensation!

How to Protect Yourself Under Workers Compensation Law

In order to protect your rights following a work-related injury, we have provided an overview of the major important topics. It’s important to know what your legal rights are so that you aren’t taken advantage of by the insurance companies or even by your own employer. You may think that you are a valued employee and have nothing to worry about, but large companies don’t make profits by willingly giving away money. Here is a list of questions that you must know in order to protect yourself after getting hurt on the job.

  • How Does Workers Comp Work in Michigan?

Workers’ compensation is a program that provides reimbursement for medical expenses due to on-the-job injuries sustained by an employee. The employee receives compensation for medical expenses, and in return they do not sue the company for the injury. Virtually all Michigan employers are required by state law to provide worker’s compensation coverage for their employees. This coverage may include lost wages, medical care for treatment of the injury, life-long medical treatment, and physical therapy and rehabilitation. Wage loss compensation is calculated using a formula, but it is typically 80% of after-tax wages. For those who receive variable pay, compensation is based on an average of the 39 highest-paid weeks of the previous year. Partial income loss benefits are also available to those who return to work only some of the time or at a lower wage; these benefits are meant to fill the gap between your previously higher wage rate and your currently lower wage rate following the injury on the job. The employer at your place of work is required to provide medical treatment as long as it is deemed both reasonable and necessary. Given this statement, it could be possible to keep receiving medical benefits for a prolonged period of time or in extreme cases even a lifetime.

  • What If My Employer or Insurance Company Disputes My Claim?

Disagreements sometimes arise between the employer and employee about what is appropriate treatment, or about the circumstances of the injury. Contacting an experienced Lansing workers compensation attorney will greatly benefit your chances of success. You can’t really trust your employer or your insurance company because these are the parties that will be disputing your claim and fighting against you. For example, your employer may tell you it is unnecessary to fill out an incident report, but under Michigan Law this is a requirement for making a claim. The bottom line is that you need the help of an attorney to guide you through the claim or appeal process..

  • Will There Be Alternate Work Available to Me?

Hiring a Michigan Workers Compensation Attorney can drastically improve your chances of receiving compensation for your work related injury. Many victims do not know that under workers’ compensation law, the employer is required to send out a notice to the injured worker stating whether they have modified or alternate work available. Many times workers that are injured on the job are incapable of performing the task that they were able to do before the injury took place and are offered a job that now accommodates their reduced physical abilities. This creates incentive for the employing company to keep the injured worker as part of their staff. Unfortunately, the employee has no duty to supply a job to the injured worker. They simply must inform the victim if there is any alternative work available. Many companies need to hire workers to fill positions that require heavy physical labor and may not have any openings to an injured worker without any real experience performing a different job.

  • What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

Many employees that have suffered from a work related injury have a hard time finding employment due to their decreased physical or mental abilities. Even though a full recovery is within sight, employers aren’t always lenient when it comes to not working. A job an injured employee was previously qualified to perform may no longer be the case. A Michigan workers compensation attorney can help you find a job and most importantly find you a qualified rehabilitation counselor who can give you counseling, guidance, retraining, and even job placement help. There are no guarantees with a rehabilitation counselor, but they try to find you a job that is similar to your pre-injury position if possible. You will be reimbursed for all the expenses required in helping you find a job including various travel costs and expenses, meetings with your personal counselor, training, and help with job applications. If you are having a hard time finding a job after your work related injury, try finding a trusted vocational rehabilitation counselor that can help you..

  • What Are Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits?

Supplemental job displacement benefits are intended to help workers who have been injured and need additional education in order to switch job occupations and acquire the knowledge necessary to earn an income. A Lansing workers compensation attorney can help you with your case if you need help after a job displacement as a result of a work related injury. If you qualify for supplemental job displacement benefits, you will receive a voucher which can be used at any state approved school. In order to qualify you must meet 3 conditions. First, your injury must result in a permanent disability. 2nd, you must not be capable of returning to work after 60 days since your last temporary disability payment. Lastly, the company you work for is unable to offer modified work. The amount of the voucher is directly related to your level of permanent disability. The minimum voucher amount is for $4000 and the maximum voucher amount is $10,000.

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