social-securityDavid M. Clark and The Clark Law Office are experienced and qualified in Social Security Law in the entire state of Michigan. We have been helping clients get their social security benefits for 30 years. Studies and statistics have shown that up to 63% of all social security applications are denied or turned down immediately without further review. Fortunately, many applicants are successful during their social security appeal by hiring an attorney to represent them. If you have been denied or received a notice of a disapproved claim, you should contact one of our Michigan personal injury attorneys to help you file for appeal or request for a hearing. Regardless of the type of social security claim that was denied (SSDI, SSI, SSD, Retirement, Disability or Supplemental Security Income), we can help!

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Our Lansing Disability Attorneys Can Help You Every Step Of The Way

Going up against the Social Security Administration is no easy task. People seeking social security or SSD benefits have the burden of proof and it doesn’t help the SSA is well known for denying more claims than they accept. Our attorneys can deal with the social security bureaucracy and effectively help you succeed with your claim or appeal.

In order to qualify for social security benefits, you must be able to prove that you have a physical or mental condition that doesn’t allow you to work consistently. The Clark Law Office has 30 years of experience winning social security claims for our clients. Over the years, we have learned how the social security system works and what is needed for you to succeed and receive the payments you rightfully deserve. We know what it takes to win and we use that to the advantage of all our social security clients. Many times, it will be necessary to gather evidence and documents to help strengthen your case. We will assist in hiring relevant experts, help gather medical evidence to show your disability history, and finish all the paperwork required. Another advantage to using our firm is our proven track record at trial in big cases; this experience will pay off at your hearing. We will make sure that you are completely ready for your trial hearing along with any witnesses. We can also cross examine the vocational expert effectively and easily. This hearing is crucial to your success!

My Michigan Claim  Was Denied, What Can I Do About It?

There are many reasons why you’re application may have been denied. Learning the requirements for qualification can be downright confusing. We will immediately look over your case and determine what the best course of action is. Many times the denial is because of poor responses in the questionnaires when you filed your application. Just an accidental mistake when filling out these forms is enough to get your application denied whether or not you truly deserve social security benefits. Another common reason for applications being denied is the testimony of the vocational expert. Let me explain…. When you have your disability appeal hearing, you will more than likely have a vocational expert testifying against you. This expert surprises many unprepared applicants with questions they aren’t ready to answer. Wouldn’t you rather have one of our experienced trial attorneys cross examining the vocational expert and surprising him or her?

The SSA is really only looking for a few qualifying factors. You need to fit the definition of disability and prove that you have worked long enough to meet SSA standards. The SSA definition of disability is based on your inability to work. You must be able to prove that the following three statements apply to you. These statements are provided by the SSA.

  • You are not capable of work that you were once able to do
  • The SSA decides that you can’t adjust to other work due to your health problem(s)
  • The disability has lasted for one year or is expected to last one year or results in death.

When determining if you have worked enough to qualify, the SSA uses a credit system to assist in the process. Generally speaking, you will need 40 total credits to qualify and at least 20 of those credits having been earned in the last 10 years before becoming disabled. How much work is needed for 1 credit? While this changes every year, the current conversion is one credit is attained for every $1130 of wages or income. Obviously, this is just an overview and younger workers who may not have the right amount of credits can still qualify under special conditions. While this covers the basics, feel free to look at our other social security pages for more information.

Contact Our Lansing Social Security Attorneys.  No Fee Unless You Win

Regardless of the type of social security case you have, we will charge you no fees unless you win your case. The fees for social security cases are taken as a small percentage directly from the social security administration. We will only make a percentage on the past due benefits and all future benefits will be yours in full with nothing taken out. It’s simple; if you don’t win you don’t pay! Call us today for a free consultation at (517) 347-6900!

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