The Path To Recovery: How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

Michigan Personal Injury LawyerThe Clark Law Office is a leading Michigan personal injury law firm dedicated to representing people, not insurance companies.  We are proud of our hard-earned reputation as successful trial attorneys serving Lansing and all of Michigan for the past 30 years. High quality work, dedication, and extensive courtroom experience allow the attorneys of The Clark Office to provide you with unique trial capabilities and comprehensive knowledge of Michigan’s injury and negligence laws.

As a client of The Clark Law Office, your representation will be with a trial attorney who will provide you with the personal service you deserve.  Your case will not be passed off to an attorney you’ve never met before! Both David M. Clark and Matthew R. Clark will personally be handling your case.  Our trial experience, aggressive mindset, and our unique ability to try and win large personal injury cases at trial have resulted in top dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients – and we will do the same for you.

We understand the hardships and difficulties that come along with recovering compensation from large insurance companies after an injury.  Insurance companies are making record profits at your expense and you have to fight back to protect your rights!  The road to recovery is a tough one and you have no other choice than to deal with and take on these large insurance companies head-on if you want to recover compensation.


When our attorneys at The Clark Law Office take on a case, we do not require our clients to pay a dime unless we successfully recover financial compensation.  There are no upfront costs, it’s that simple!


Why Should I Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Not all sustained injuries will result in recoverable financial compensation.  Obviously, you must be able to show that you are injured, but you must also be able to establish that another person or party was legally responsible or negligent.  In order to for another party to be legally responsible, there must be sufficient evidence showing that they were at fault.

Just about every injury lawsuit utilizes negligence to prove another party is responsible in causing your injury.  Negligence can be thought of as the failure to take reasonable care to protect others.  In this particular type of lawsuit, a lawyer must be able to prove that the other person owed their client a duty to act with reasonable care.  Some common examples include a driver of a vehicle owing a duty of care to other driver(s)s on the road and doctors owing a duty of care to their patient(s).  In addition to this, an attorney must also be able to prove that the negligent party failed to meet a standard of care and the injury directly resulted from this failure.  The final piece is proving that their client has actually suffered damages.  These damages can be either economic (ex. Medical Expenses) or non-economic losses (ex. Pain and Suffering) that occurred because of the defendant’s negligence.


What Type Of Damages Can I Recover in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

There are a variety of types of financial compensation that you might be entitled to receive from your personal injury lawsuit after negligence has been established.  These damages have the purpose of compensating the injured party for economic and non-economic losses that they have sustained as a result of the injury or accident.  Some of these damages include

  • Past and Future Medical Expenses – This will cover medical expenses in both the past and the future.  Also includes coverage for certain medical equipment and transportation costs related to health appointments and doctor visits.

  • Wage Loss – The purpose of this damage is to make sure the injured worker does not lose any wages he/she would’ve earned if the injury had not occurred.  The difference in wages between old and new jobs should also be covered.

  • Pain and Suffering – Some severe injuries cause extreme pain and suffering and the goal of this damage is compensate the victim for going through extreme discomfort.  This can be difficult to collect under Michigan no-fault law, but serious injuries are still eligible for compensation.

  • Emotional Distress – Injuries and accidents can cause long lasting effects such as emotional distress or mental anguish.  An injured victim who experiences this deserves to be compensated.

  • Loss of Consortium – This type of damage is meant to compensate an individual for the loss of love and companionship of a spouse who was injured.  It refers to the loss of benefits of a married relationship including aid, support, and companionship.

The amount of damages will vary greatly and depend on many different factors including the seriousness of injuries.

Additional Practice Areas

auto-accidentMost people forget that driving an automobile is inherently dangerous.  There is no doubt we take for granted the dangers that come along with vehicle transportation.  Safety technology has dramatically improved over the past few years, but the number one cause of auto accidents is still simply driver error.  In fact, there are well over 10 million auto accidents each year in the United States alone, and many of these accidents cause serious injuries and death.  If you have been injured in a car accident, we can help.  We have helped hundreds of our clients recover the maximum financial compensation for injuries that they have sustained during an auto accident both in trial and settlements.

motorcycle-accidentNobody ever thinks that they will be involved in a motorcycle accident, but when it happens it can change your life instantly.  Due to the seriousness of injuries associated with a motorcycle crash, it could be months or years before your life is back to “normal.”  When a biker is injured, they need financial compensation for large medical bills, cash for regular living expenses, and of course bike repair.  Insurance companies look to close motorcycle cases as quickly and cheaply as possible, they aren’t looking out for your best interests.  We know the tactics and strategies of these insurers and we can stack the odds back in your favor.

truck-accidentDue to the sheer size and weight of large trucks, the injuries resulting from truck accidents are nearly always devastating.  Filing a lawsuit against a trucking company is much more complex and involved than any other vehicle accident, and you must have an attorney with the knowledge and experience of trucking laws.  Trucking companies have immense power and financial resources to fight your claim and you will be facing an uphill battle without an aggressive and savvy attorney.  You can be sure that they will send an “accident response team” to mitigate their liability right away along with a team of attorneys.  We can even the playing field for you and get you the compensation that you need and deserve.

Dog bitesdog-bites and dog attacks happen more frequently than most realize.  There are more than 4.5 million reports every year of a person being bit by a dog and of these reports, nearly 25% require medical attention.  Insurance companies claim that dog bites account for nearly $1 billion in costs every year.  Sustaining an injury from a bite can be a traumatic experience both physically and mentally.  The injuries usually require extensive surgery and oftentimes cause permanent disfigurement or emotional scars for life.  We can help you recover financial compensation for your injuries by proving negligence and make sure the dog owner is held responsible for their irresponsible actions.

workers-compThe purpose of providing workers comp is to ensure that employees are fully covered in case of a job related injury including wage loss, medical expenses, and rehabilitation in some cases. Most workers assume that their workers compensation will cover their expenses related to a work-related injury regardless of what happens. They don’t expect their employers to contest their claim, but in reality collecting workers compensation can be a highly contested fight. This might be a harsh reality, but you need to protect yourself in case of this very situation. Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys can help you collect the maximum workers compensation amount for your injuries.

social-securityIt has been shown many times that a majority of SSD and SSI claims are initially denied.  Due to this, most social security disability claims end up going to an administrative law judge.  While you can represent yourself, it is highly recommend that you use the services of an attorney who is familiar with the process and can make sure that your case is developed properly.  Our attorneys know what questions to ask doctors, obtain relevant medical records, collecting statement from physicians, are familiar with the local judges, and most importantly know how to give you the best chance for success.


What is my case worth?

This is a common question that we get asked constantly and is quite difficult to provide a quality answer to. It sounds cliché, but every personal injury case is different with a completely unique set of circumstances. For example, two passengers in the same vehicle will have different case value amounts. There is no standard when it comes to estimating case value, the only way to truly know the value of a case is to work with an attorney who can investigate for evidence, medical records, and other relevant information.

Do you think my case will go to trial?

Regardless of what we think of your case, we will prepare and be ready for trial. This will allow us to gather the required evidence and perform a detailed investigation. That being said, roughly 85% of cases settle before even reaching a courtroom. Our reputation as proven trial attorneys helps us recover maximum financial compensation for you!

How long will it take to resolve my case?

This is a hard question for a personal injury lawyer to answer simply because each case is unique. It is difficult to create a timetable for injury cases because of this reason. Some cases might only take 1-2 months while others could potentially take years.

How Soon Should I File a Lawsuit?

Following your accident your injury, you should contact a personal injury attorney as quickly as possible to give you the best chance of recovery. Victims of an injury have a certain time limit to file lawsuit which is referred to as statute of limitations. If you fail to file a suit within the time frame you will never be able to recover any financial compensation for your sustained injuries.

How Much Does a Lawyer Cost?

At The Clark Law Office, we charge absolutely no fees unless you win your injury case. This is also called a contingency fee basis. We will pay for the expenses of the case including relevant medical experts, court fees, private investigators, etc. We will accept a fixed percentage only if your case is won, which is usually 1/3.

Will You Be The Attorney Handling My Case?

Of course! Our advantage as a smaller personal injury firm is the dedication and commitment we provide to our clients. David M. Clark and his 30 years of personal injury experience will be personally handling all aspects of your case. Many large firms will sign up your case and then refer you to another lawyer who you don’t know and trust. That will never happen at our law firm.

Have You Tried Similar Injury Cases Before?

Over the last 30 years trying and litigating cases personal injury cases across the country we have tried just about every injury case imaginable. Chances are we have lots of experience successfully trying similar cases to yours. Either way, we will be completely honest and up-front about everything related to your case.

Why Choose The Clark Law Office As My Personal Injury Law Firm?

Our law firm will be working closely with you to get the best results possible. We take our responsibilities to our clients seriously, so we stay involved and informed about updates in Michigan law to ensure a positive resolution for your legal manners.

The Clark Law Office understands the stress and concerns that you have, because we have lived through hard fought cases and the crucible of trial with its clients for over 30 years.  The following are some of the verdicts and settlements that have been obtained by our Lansing auto accident attorneys:

  • $2.75 million motorcycle accident verdict against the US Air Force

  • $2.1 million defective machine settlement against a multi-national machine manufacturer

  • $1.1 million dollar verdict for real estate rights in Florida

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Contact-The-Clark-Law-OfficeWhen you call The Clark Law Office you will receive a free legal consultation regarding your situation and your injuries.  We strive to insure that we achieve the best possible result for each of our clients.  We have been handling personal injury cases for over 30 years and have recovered millions of dollars for our client’s injuries.  We have the experience and expertise to get you the results you deserve.

Our attorneys at The Clark Law Office are proud to say that we don’t represent large insurance companies, hospitals, or other big businesses.

“We have focused our entire law practice and dedicated our lives to represent the people and we look forward to helping with you through your tough times.”

If you have questions about your case, don’t hesitate to call us at (517)-347-6900, email us at info@theclarkawoffice, or fill out our online contact form.  One of our personal injury lawyers will call you back in a timely fashion.   Initial consultations are completely free and you pay no fees unless you win your injury case.