The state of Michigan has a wrongful death statute which allows family members to recover damages in the event of a person’s death or sustaining injuries leading to death. A tragic event such as a wrongful death can cause a great deal of emotional pain and many times financial hardship caused from excessive medical bills. Any wages or income provided by the deceased is no longer supporting the family and there is no way to replace it. There are many other costs associated with the tragic event including typically expensive funeral costs. We have successfully helped many families recover damages after a wrongful death and we will fight the insurance companies to make sure you get all the medical bills paid for and the compensation that you deserve.

The first step in a wrongful death case is to collect all the information and evidence about your case. It is extremely important to gain as much information as possible and preserve any evidence that may be available. We will do everything we feel is necessary to protect your rights. We will begin an investigation into the details and find any important documents or evidence that will help prove your case. Many times, an expert testimony is very convincing and can greatly benefit your arguments. If an industry expert is needed we have the resources to fly them in quickly and testify as a witness. We will find all the medical records that are related to the accident and go over all the documentation in detail. With extensive trial experience all over the country, The Clark Law Office will ensure that your family receives justice.

A wrongful death case can be brought for many different types of accidents. The most common include auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, nursing home deaths, defective products, infant deaths, and fatal drug reactions. If your family is suffering from the loss of a love one because of someone’s negligence or neglect, talk to David M. Clark and The Clark Law Office. We pride ourselves in representing individuals, not insurance companies. Many times the insurance company will deny a claim and fight against you. They do not want to be responsible for the ramifications of their negligent actions which caused the death of a family member, it’s bad for business. Instead they will hire a team of lawyers and argue that you don’t deserve to recover damages for various reasons. We will stand up and fight to make sure you get a fair result and aren’t taken advantage of. Call us today to discuss your case and learn how we can help you and charge no fees unless you win.