1.) Insurance companies will try to settle your case as soon as possible and give you an embarrassingly low settlement to make you go away fast.

This is a well-known tactic that all insurance companies use to prevent you from hiring an attorney after a personal injury or car accident and it also creates a sense of urgency for you to act quickly.  Believe it or not, this tactic is extremely effective and over 50% of people injured in a personal injury or car accident never contact an attorney and simply take the easy money.  Without knowing what your case is worth by contacting an attorney, it’s very likely that you are undervaluing your own case and playing right into the trap the insurance company has set for you.  The Clark Law Office is a Lansing based law firm that is available 24/7.  We will give you our honest opinion about if you have a case and how much it’s worth.

2.) Once you sign the release for an accident, your case is over forever.

We see this all the time!  Many people are tempted to take a few thousand dollars right away without realizing it’s a low-ball offer made in desperation by the insurance company.  What do they have to lose?  They are simply trying to make the best business decision at your expense.  In the worst case scenario for them, you don’t take the offer and you decide to hire a lawyer…….which you should have done from the beginning.  Many injuries aren’t apparent till weeks after the accident and you have no clue how those injuries will affect your future well-being.  You are not a lawyer.  It can be easy to be confused by what you are signing, as this is the intention of insurance companies.  You might think you are signing a simple property damage release when in reality you are signing a full and final release.

3.)  Most people don’t understand insurance companies are an intimidating opponent and have billions of dollars’ worth of resources to fight your case.

Simply put, you are not prepared to take this fight on alone.  You need an expert on your side who knows the tricks of the trade and can get you the settlement or verdict that you rightfully deserve.  You might think you are friends with your insurance agent and they would never try to take advantage of you. The issue is that you aren’t dealing with your agent.  You are dealing with a corporation whose number #1 objective is to maximize profits at your expense.  Our attorneys have been dealing with local insurance companies for over 30 years and we have the resources, dedication, and skill to take on and win your case.

4.) Insurance companies will use your medical history and data against you.

Insurance companies will attempt to have you sign a medical release release that gives them all kinds of important information about your past medical history even if it is completely unrelated to the accident.  For example, maybe you were treated for alcoholism or had a previous back injury.  This information will be available to them and their attorneys and they will certainly attempt to use it against you in an effort to save the corporation money.

5.)  What’s the harm in telling the truth?

There is absolutely nothing wrong in just telling the truth, but you will inevitably give them information that they have no right to know.  Once that information is given to them via a recorded statement, you can’t take it back.  Instead, we will be there with you while you make a recorded and ensure to protect your legal rights and your case value.  You are obligated to cooperate with them, but you are not an attorney and don’t know what information can be damaging to your case.

6.)  Even if you are extremely educated, you still need an attorney.

We are experts in the area of personal injury and car accident law. We deal with auto insurance companies on a daily basis.  We know the local companies, the agents, the attorneys they employ, and the shady tactics they will try to pull over on you.  We have dedicated our lives to helping injured victims in Michigan.  You might think your case is simple and that you don’t need an attorney, but you will be surprised how complex Michigan laws are and how quickly things can change.

7.)  You don’t know what type of case that you have

Once again, you might think your case is simple and an attorney is unnecessary.  The other party at fault might not have any insurance or a multitude of other factors that make your case more difficult and complex.  Insurance companies are not simply going to write you a check for the maximum amount possible.  You need to treat your own insurance company just like you would treat the other party’s insurance company and not assume that they have your best interests in mind.

8.)  Many injuries are delayed or not immediately apparent

It’s completely natural to refuse medical treatment and downplay your injuries.  After a few days or even sometimes weeks later, you suddenly have debilitating headaches or back pain.  You need to take time off work and you won’t be earning your normal income.  If you quickly signed the release as they urge you to, you are out of luck and you can’t be compensated for your injuries or wage loss.  We understand this concept and make sure our clients receive documented medical treatment and allow time to see how your injuries will affect your future before negotiating your claim.

9.)  Accidents bring out predators and solicitors

Many people don’t realize that attorneys are not allowed to solicit business.  Not only is it unethical, it is also illegal.  Instead, many large accident firms in Michigan hire “runners”.  Their job is to contact you and solicit business for doctors, chiropractors, and unethical lawyers.  Here at the Clark law Office our clients find us, not the other way around.  Unlike those unethical law firms, we are an ethical firm that has been litigating personal injury and car accident lawsuits for over 30 years.  Our attorneys can help you if you have been hurt.  Call us at (517) 347-6900 for a free consultation.