In order for an individual to apply for social security benefits, they must meet the requirements of one of the two programs that the social security organization has. There two programs are SSDI (social security disability insurance) and SSI (supplemental security income). Those who have held employment, usually qualify under the SSDI program. This program is for those who are disabled and unable to work.SSI is for those who are impaired but do not meet the current guidelines for the SSDI program. This program is for elderly and those who have not worked previously. This category has the people who suffer from severe impairments and those with little or no income at the present time. To qualify, a person must prove their have an impairment and is unable to work or unable to produce an income sufficient in which to live.SSI does not require any proof of employment. The burden of proof is on the individual as they must show that their income has been reduced. There must be a financial need to qualify. Our lawyers can help you and answer tough questions and help you each step of the way.

How can I apply for Social Security Benefits?

As soon as you become disabled a claim needs to be filed. There are many ways to file a claim, you can go online and start the application process. They will then have a representative call and finish the application over the phone. You can contact them social security administration at 1-800-772-1213 and they will send you an application by mail. Another option is to visit the security office at 5210 Perry Robinson Circle, Lansing Michigan 48911 to apply for benefits, as well. Most people become discouraged because their first application is denied. Most people are usually denied on the first application. You have 65 days for an appeal to be filed against the decision and that is where we can help.

Who Can File For Social Security Disability Benefits?

Working or not you may qualify for social security disability benefits. There is really no easy way to answer the question that is often asked, about whether a working individual can apply for benefits. Oftentimes, there are people who have not left their positions, but are impaired and are unable to work and earn the income they are accustomed to. Because this person is not functioning at a full time basis, they may qualify for benefits. The social security office uses residual functional capacity and it is often difficult for someone who is working to obtain any benefits. Any person who is still working full time will most certainly be denied benefits. Those who are operating at a decreased capacity or not working at all have a better chance of obtaining benefits.

We regularly handle social security claims in the state of Michigan. We have been able to obtain benefits for numerous clients. We recognize the problems and complexities of the law. We will battle for you throughout the entire procedure and we extricate what to do to ensure your probability of success. With many years of experience practicing law in the State of Michigan, let a Michigan attorney from our law firm assist you during the whole process and assist you in obtaining your benefits.

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