Waiting for SSD Benefits

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits provide assistance to you and to certain members of your family with disabilities. Being insured in their program means that you have paid Social Security taxes and are eligible in applying for the disability benefits.

The application process for your Social Security disability benefits takes some amount of time. You would most likely wait for months (or even years) before receiving your benefits. In terrible times, when we are physically, emotionally, and even financially distressed, we often seek the easiest and fastest way to get over things like these. An experienced attorney or firm might help you with these issues. In the meantime, here are some discussion points to guide you through the whole Social Security disability benefits application process in the State of Michigan.

How long does it take to be approved?

The United States Social Security Administration (SSA) does not place an exact date or period of processing. The SSA has no set time frames or length of time it would take to process your claim – if it would be approved or denied.

The SSA’s approval would depend on a lot of variables, including the availability of your medical records, among other evidence. This would then be tried in a hearing for the judge’s bench decision which would take around 2 weeks. However, the typical time to make an overall decision would take around 2 months. Typically, their decision takes about 3 to 5 months (also cited by SSA).

You will receive a written decision of your claim in your mail.

How will I know my Social Security disability benefits status?

You can check the status of your application at my Social Security account.  Here you can receive personalized estimates of your benefits which are all based from your earnings. It also shows you your earnings history and the latest account statement. You may also request for Social Security card replacement and proof of income letter.  It will require your Social Security number and application confirmation number.

What are back payment benefits?

The Social Security disability back pay includes past-due benefits awarded to you together with your Social Security benefits. The amount of benefit you will receive would depend on three factors:

  • Application Date – a claimant could receive SSD benefits way back to their application date and may also be considered for retroactive benefits.  Retroactive benefits are benefits you may receive for the months you were disabled or unable to work prior to your application of SSD benefits.  You can receive benefits from the first month after which you filed your application. You may also get disability benefits from back to a date earlier than your filing date as protective filing.
  • Date of Disability – Benefits will start from the time when your disability began. Your established onset date (EOD) is set by your assigned examiner. If your case goes to hearing, an administrative law judge of Michigan will set the EOD.  The EOD will be based on your medical records and work history.
  • Five-Month Waiting Period – once you have been approved for SSD benefits, you are entitled to back pay benefits from the period between the sixth month after your established onset date and the approval date of your claim. This would mean that there would be no back pay for the first five months after the EOD.  For example, if the examiner/judge sets the onset date 19 months before the claim application date, you are entitled to 14 months of back pay benefits before the SSD benefits application date. The back pay is to be paid as one lump sum.

My SSD benefit application has been denied. What do I do?

Being denied SSD benefits after going through the lengthy process can be frustrating. However, you can still file for SSD and claim benefits by appealing. Request a disability hearing in front of an administrative law judge. This must be done 60 days after you have received your denial letter.  In Michigan, around 63% of those who apply for SSD are denied benefits after the initial application.  About 59% are then granted approval after the appeal hearing. This usually takes around 18 months.

Need Assistance in Filing You Claim?

The Clark Law Office has decades of experience helping Michigan residents file for social security disability benefits and preparing cases for the appeal process to give you the best chance of getting approved.. You will have direct and clear communication from our lawyers. Call now for a more secure Social Security Disability benefits application. Contact us today at +1 (517) 347-6900 or e-mail at info@theclarklawoffice.com for a free consultation.

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