Best Reviewed Auto Accident Attorneys in LansingThe Lansing car accident attorneys at The Clark Law Office have dedicated their lives to assisting victims in Michigan who have suffered serious injuries or even killed as a result of the negligence of other drivers.  David M. Clark and Matthew R. Clark have over 40 years combined experience litigating on behalf of their clients and fighting large insurance companies to ensure that you receive the financial compensation that you deserve.

A car accident can change your life and lives of your loved ones in an instant.  Most drivers know that driving a vehicle is inherently dangerous, but it’s hard to comprehend until it happens to you.  We see the consequences of these accidents every day.  Difficulty paying medical bills, losing the ability to provide for yourself and family, the loss of joy from everyday life, uncontrollable anxiety, and stress are just some of the things that you will be dealing with from the aftermath of a vehicle accident.

The Clark Law Office is well known as one of the best and most successful car accident law firms in the Greater Lansing Area.  Unlike many other firms that claim to practice often in Lansing, this has been the heart of practice for well over 30 years.  We know the judges, we know the police officers, we know the other attorneys you will be facing, and most importantly we know how the local insurance companies operate.

Our Lansing Car Accident Attorneys Know How To Win Against Large Auto Insurance Companies

Insurance companies want to have their cake and eat it to.  It’s a well-known fact that Michigan has some of the highest insurance rates in the country.  Even if you have been a perfect loyal customer and have never missed a single payment, they have to qualms with denying your legitimate auto insurance claim.  It’s baffling how many times they deny a claim that is clearly worthwhile or offer you an embarrassingly low settlement offer in hopes that you simply go away.  It’s important to remember that these large insurance companies such as State Farm, Geico, Auto Owners, Farmers, etc. are in existence to make as much profit as possible.  These companies are publicly traded and must report to shareholders that have an expectation at maximizing profits, even if this comes at their own injured customers expense.

While the no-fault insurance system is good for providing first party benefits such as medical expense, wage loss, survivor losses (in the case of a death), and replacement services regardless of fault, it comes at a price.  There is no guarantee that the insurance company will pay right away, and it also makes collecting compensation for pain and suffering much tougher than any other state in the country.  In order to collect third party benefits such as pain and suffering, a car accident victim must pass what it termed the “threshold requirement.”

In order to pass this threshold, you must prove that the person injured suffered death, permanent serious disfigurement, or a serious impairment of a body function.  This threshold is highly debated between car accident lawyers and insurance companies because of the large sum of money at stake.  Our law firm has battled local auto insurance companies for 30 years and we have proven that we have the resources, knowledge, skill, and know-how to make sure you get the maximum compensation for your auto accident.  We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients including multiple awards over $1,000,000 and a $2,750,000 trial verdict against the United States Air Force.  We can help you get what you deserve!

Don’t Be Fooled By Larger Accident “TV” Firms.  Get Proven Local Lansing Attorneys On Your Side.

Many other car accident law firms like to pretend that they practice locally here in Lansing (especially the larger firms based in Detroit).  They have a large team of attorney and you will not get the attorney that they are heavily advertising.  Instead they inexperienced attorneys, legal assistants, and paralegals work your case.  The Clark Law Office will NEVER pass off your case to attorney that hasn’t been battle tested and proven to get results in the Greater Lansing Area.  Lansing has been at the heart of the practice from our beginnings and continues to be.  If you decide to hire us, David M. Clark and Matthew R. Clark will be the attorneys handling your case directly.  Since we don’t have the large volume of cases that most of the other auto accident law firms have, we have the time and dedication that is necessary to get you your desired result.  Your case is as important to us as it is to you.  We have the local resources, time, dedication, and know-how that is required to maximize the value of your case.  Call us today at (517) 347-6900 to receive a free and confidential consultation.  We will charge you nothing unless you collect compensation for your injuries.

We have successfully handled many types of auto accidents in Lansing including the following:

  • Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Bus Accidents
  • Uber Accidents
  • Taxi-Cab Accidents
  • Fatal Accidents

Lansing Car Accident Statistics

The city of Lansing is the capital of Michigan and located mainly in Ingham County.  Portions of Lansing also extend West into Eaton County and North into Clinton County.  Lansing boasts a population of roughly 115,000, which makes it the 5th largest city in the entire State of Michigan.  It was named the capital only 10 years after Michigan first became a state in 1847.  The Greater Lansing Area also known as the Lansing metropolitan area is a critical area in Michigan for education, culture, government, commercial commerce, and business industry.  It is also located directly West Of East Lansing, which is home to Michigan State University.  This Mid-Michigan area has multiple medical schools, a veterinary school, multiple nursing schools and two law schools (Cooley Law School and Michigan State College of Law).

With the Lansing area being the 5th largest in the state, there are a surprisingly large amount of auto accidents that occur annually.  Ingham County alone regularly has over 9000 auto accidents every year and rough 20 or more of those accidents result in a fatality.  Eaton County had 2,251 total crashes and 1 fatal crash in 2017 according to the Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Statistics.  Eaton County had 3,368 total car accidents and 12 of those crashes ended in a fatality.  It’s also important to note that this data only collects information on reported accident and there are many more unreported accidents that these statistics don’t reflect.

Helpful Lansing Accident Information and Resources

We want to include some important contact information for Lansing residents that are in a vehicle accident.  Here you can find helpful local information and resources including how and where to obtain copies of your accident report your insurance company.

Lansing Police Department

120 W. Michigan Ave

Lansing, MI 48933

Non-Emergency: (517) 483-4600

Email the Department

Ingham County Sheriff’s Department

630 North Cedar Street

Mason, MI 48854

Non-Emergency: (517) 676-2431

Lansing Fire Department

120 E. Shiawassee

Lansing, MI 48933

Non-Emergency: (517) 483-4200

Email Department

54A District Court

6th Floor City Hall

124 W. Michigan Ave.

Lansing, MI 48933

(517) 483-4433

30th Circuit Court

341 S Jefferson St

Mason, MI 48854

(517) 483-6500

Sparrow Health System

1215 E Michigan Ave

Lansing MI 48912

(517) 364-1000

Email us by clicking here

McLaren-Greater Lansing

401 West Greenlawn Avenue

Lansing, MI 48910

(517) 975-6000

Send an email

Eaton County Sherriff’s Department

1025 Independence Blvd

Charlotte, Michigan 48813

517-543-3512 or 517-372-8217

Order a Lansing accident report by visiting

Reports are available online visiting

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