Have you been injured by the wrongful or negligent acts of another person or party? Are you suffering financial damages, physical pain, anxiety, and stress because someone was reckless in causing an accident that resulted in your injury? Are you ready to pursue a personal injury claim with the help of our Battle Creek personal injury lawyer?  Contact The Clark Law Office by calling 517-347-6900 to request your free consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys in Battle Creek and get all your questions answered. We are ready to fight for the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses.

Why Do You Need A Battle Creek Personal Injury Lawyer?

You may choose to handle your personal injury claim without an attorney. The insurance adjuster may tell you that you can save money by dealing directly with the insurance company. We do not advise you try to handle your claim without consulting with a Battle Creek personal injury lawyer first. Below are several of the important reasons why you need an attorney on your side as you seek compensation for your injuries and damages.

We even the playing field for you.

We provide exceptional personal injury services that "level the playing field".The insurance company for the person who caused your injury has a team of professionals protecting the company. These professionals, including the insurance adjuster, may tell you that they want to settle your claim for a fair amount and that you can trust them. However, these people work for the insurance company, and their job is to gain information to use to deny claims or decrease the value of claims. It is not in the best interest of the insurance company to pay large claims.

Our Battle Creek personal injury lawyers even out the playing field by putting an entire legal team on your side. You have the benefit of our years of experience, skills, resources, and knowledge on your side. We understand how insurance companies work and the tactics they use to fight personal injury claims.

Before you talk to the insurance adjuster for the person that caused your injury, call The Clark Law Office for a free consultation.

We calculate the value of your personal injury claim.

We will help calculate the value of your personal injury claim.Most individuals are not familiar with Michigan’s personal injury laws related to damages. Therefore, you may not understand all the damages you may claim when another person injures you. The insurance adjuster is not going to tell you if you are asking for an amount that is far below the true value of your claim. Remember, the insurance adjuster does not work for you.  We can also help value more complicated personal injury cases such as car accidents, birth injuries, nursing home injuries, and police misconduct.

Our Battle Creek personal injury attorneys carefully review all facts and circumstances in your case to identify all damages. You are entitled to claim financial losses, including lost income and medical expenses. However, you are also entitled to compensation for your suffering, pain, and discomfort. It is extremely important that you include all damages in a settlement claim. Once you accept a settlement, you cannot go back to the insurance company for more money even if you realize you have additional damages.

Investigations and Case Preparation

To recover compensation for your injuries and losses, you must prove that the other party caused the event that resulted in your injury. You need evidence that shows the other party is at fault for the accident. Most people do not know where to begin to investigate an accident, nor do they have the resources available to conduct a thorough and comprehensive investigation.  When you retain our Battle Creek personal injury law firm, our legal team begins the investigation to determine the cause of the injury. We gather and preserve evidence to prove fault and liability so you can receive compensation for your damages.  In addition, we are also working with the knowledge that we may need to file a personal injury lawsuit. Therefore, we prepare the case as if we are going to trial. If our attorneys are unable to settle the claim for a fair amount, they are ready to file a lawsuit and proceed to trial.

Schedule Your Free Case Review With A Battle Creek Personal Injury Attorney

We are ready to fight for your right to full compensation for your losses and damages caused by a negligent or wrongful act.  Both David M. Clark and Matthew R. Clark have decades of experience in Michigan courts and have successfully won millions for the injured clients.  Contact The Clark Law Office by calling 517-347-6900 to schedule a free legal consultation with a Battle Creek personal injury lawyer.

What Type of Personal Injury Claims Do We Handle?

Our Battle Creek personal injury attorneys handle a variety of claims related to personal injury laws. The Clark Law Office represents clients who have claims related to:

  • Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Workers Comp Claims
  • Dog Bite and Dog Attack Claims
  • Slip and Fall Accidents (Premises Liability Claims)
  • Medical Malpractice Claims
  • Wrongful Death Actions

When you are injured, filing a personal injury claim may not be high on your list of priorities. However, we urge you to take the time to meet with one of our personal injury lawyers in Battle Creek as soon as possible.  Your time to file a claim is limited by law. If you miss the deadline to file a claim, you lose the right to pursue a legal claim.  Don’t let your time run out to file a claim against the person who caused your injury. Call The Clark Law Office at 517-347-6900 for a free consultation with one of our Battle Creek personal injury lawyers.

About Battle Creek, Michigan

Battle Creek is located in northwestern Calhoun County in Michigan. Being the birthplace of the cereal industry, Battle Creek earned the nickname of Cereal Capital of the World. The city is at the junction of the Battle Creek River and Kalamazoo River. Binder Park Zoo and Firekeeper’s Casino are popular attractions in Battle Creek. With easy access to parks, recreational facilities, forests, and rivers, there is a lot to do in Battle Creek. The city has many family-friendly venues, in addition to an exciting and vibrant nightlife for adults. When visiting the area, it is not difficult to understand why thousands of people want to call Battle Creek their home.  The personal injury lawyers of The Clark Law Office are proud to offer legal services to the residents in and surrounding Battle Creek.  They will travel to you!

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