Personal injury and car accident cases are relatively common throughout the entire country. The state of Michigan alone sees tens of thousands of these cases every year.

These cases are present no matter where one is in the state. Grand Ledge is no exception.

Personal Injury and Car Accidents Statistics in Grand Ledge

Eaton County, where Grand Ledge is found, also has its fair share of car accident cases. Here are some useful snippets of data for the past few years:

  • 2018: In 2018, there were 3,250 reported car crashes. These resulted in 17 fatalities and 443 injuries.
  • 2019: In this year, the number went slightly up to 3,342. There were 9 fatalities and 499 injuries.
  • 2020: Last year, the number of crashes decreased to 2,700. However, there were 13 fatalities and 421 injuries.

Those from car accidents are among the most common causes of personal injury claims. With the numbers above, it’s safe to say that personal injury cases are also pretty common in the county.

What Else Can Count as Personal Injury Cases?

Other incidences can lead to personal injury claims – it’s not always just car accident cases. Aside from those involving the road, the most notable ones include the following:

·         Medical malpractice cases

Physical and psychiatric harm caused by medical professionals is the focus of medical malpractice cases.  Examples include misdiagnosis, incorrect prescriptions, unfair practices, and more.

·         Product liability incidents

Any harm caused by consumer products to customers can also warrant a personal injury case. Some examples include defective design, no warning labels, and defects in processing that cause injuries.

·         Defamation

Defamation suits involve taking action against perpetrators of incidents that hurt someone’s reputation. These cases of defamation may be in person, through media, and more.

·         Dog bites

Pets are their owners’ responsibility. As such, incidents where a pet harms a person can be the subject of a personal injury case. Dog attacks are among the most common incidents of these cases.

·         Slip and fall

Slip and fall cases commonly sue the owner of the premises where the incident happened. As such, it’s imperative to have proper documentation in these cases.

·         Wrongful death

These involve deaths due to negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions. Wrongful death suits are among the most serious of these cases.

Why Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Grand Ledge, MI?

The numbers above speak for themselves – personal injury and car accident cases are rather common in the area. As such, it would greatly help to have a personal injury lawyer when these incidents do occur. A Grand Ledge personal injury lawyer can help clients in navigating the muddy legal process.

When should a personal injury or car accident case be filed?

Personal injury cases in Michigan have a statute of limitations of three years. This means that the case should be filed within three years from:

  • the occurrence of the incident that led to the injury; or
  • the diagnosis of the injury.

Other cases may have shorter statutes. For example, medical malpractice has a 2-year statute of limitations. Hire a Grand Ledge personal injury lawyer to avoid missing the deadline to file your case.

What details are important?

There are very specific details and concrete evidence that can help your case, and having these is important in order to get fair and just compensation for your injury. With help from your auto accident lawyer in Grand Ledge, MI, you would need to compile the following:

  • Documentation: If there are photos and videos of the incident, these can serve as valuable pieces of evidence.
  • Police report: If law enforcement officers were on the scene, be sure to bring official reports they may have written.
  • Incident reports: Accidents that happen within the premises of establishments are required to have incident reports. Be sure to also ask for these.
  • Witness information: The testimony of any witnesses will also be valuable to the case. Make sure also to give any information regarding witnesses.
  • Personal information: Finally, and most importantly, you must provide the personal information of the victims.

The Clark Law Office Can Help Provide the Legal Representation You Need in Grand Ledge, MI

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