Proper and sufficient lighting is important for everyone’s health and safety. While fall accidents can happen to anyone, their risks double when the environment is unsafe.

Where Do Slip and Fall Accidents Happen?

Slip and fall accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. A person can be a victim of a slip-and-fall accident, even in a familiar place. Of course, fall accidents often occur in areas with which a person is not familiar.

Dangerous conditions, such as uneven surfaces, slippery floors, and dark spaces, increase the risk of slip and fall accidents. Property owners are responsible for keeping their properties safe and free of avoidable hazardous conditions such as wet floors and dim lighting.

Slip and fall accidents caused by poor lighting can happen in public and private properties where the property owner fails to provide adequate lighting. They can happen in public places such as grocery stores, schools, amusement parks, water parks, swimming pools, sidewalks, stairs, apartment complexes and parking lots. They can also occur in homes and other privately owned spaces.

The Importance of Adequate Lighting in a Property

One of the things that a property owner should ensure is proper lighting. Sufficient lighting improves alertness and exposes possible risks and dangers.

Poor lighting conditions, on the other hand, are safety hazards. When there is no adequate lighting, people risk misjudging the sizes and distances of objects. They also cannot judge correctly whether a surface is slippery or not. All these increase the risk of slip and fall injuries.

Common Slip and Fall Injuries Due to Poor Lighting

When a fall occurs, it can lead to a serious injury. When a fall happens, there may be no soft surface to protect the body from the impact.

Here are some common injuries that can result from a slip and fall case.

  • Fractures or Broken Bones
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Abrasions and Bruises
  • Paralysis
  • Permanent Disability

Accident victims who suffered injuries can recover damages from the related insurance company or the liable property owner by making a slip and fall claim.

How Can Poor Lighting Be Grounds for Legal Liability

A poor lighting slip should not be taken lightly. The physical pain from the resulting injuries can render the victim helpless and unable to work and live his life.

When a slip-and-fall accident caused by bad lighting happens, property owners involved can be legally liable. Failing to maintain the property in accordance with legal standards gives rise to legal liabilities. The property owner breached the law by not providing enough lighting for the area, resulting in an accident.

With the help of an experienced slip and fall attorney, the injured party can make a strong premises liability claim.

Tips to Win a Slip and Fall Case Based on Poor Lighting

With the assistance of an expert legal team, accident victims can take legal action and recover compensation for their medical bills and losses. It is important to present evidence that will prove the negligence of the property owner in keeping the place where the accident occurred safe.

Here are the things a person involved in a slip and fall accident should do right after.

Seek Medical Attention.

Whether there are visible injuries or none, victims of fall accidents should seek medical care immediately. Injuries can be internal, and if they are not treated immediately, they can be fatal. Medical records after the accident can also help build the victim’s slip and fall claim.

Take Pictures.

Taking pictures of the accident scene is crucial. The property owner may try to remedy what caused the accident right away to avoid liability. Document the circumstances surrounding the accident. Take pictures of broken bulbs, slippery surfaces, snow and ice, black ice, and the absence of signs that may warn patrons of the hazards present in the area.

Report the Accident to the Property Owner or Manager.

After reporting the accident, secure a copy of the incident report. This is one of the pieces of evidence needed to support the slip and fall claim.

Call a Reputable Law Firm.

A reliable Lansing personal injury law firm is committed to helping accident victims recover the compensation that they deserve. Victims do not have to go through the legal ordeal alone.

To prove liability and win a slip and fall case, the evidence presented must establish the following:

  • Breach of Duty: The property owner failed to comply with his duty to ensure that the place was adequately lighted. Any reasonable person paying attention should have seen the lack of lighting and remedied it immediately. The area must be well-lit and free of obstructions for people to navigate safely.
  • Causation: Poor lighting conditions resulted in the accident.
  • Damages: The victim must have incurred damages because of the slip and fall accident.

What Damages May I Recover for My Slip and Fall Injuries?

Victims of slips and falls can recover compensation for economic and non-economic losses. As mentioned in the previous section, damages are important in winning a slip-and-fall case.

Economic damages can include the following:

  • Medical expenses, including medical bills, medicines, and rehabilitation costs related to the injuries incurred
  • Loss of income, both present and future, due to the victim’s inability to work after the accident happened

Non-economic damages can include physical pain, suffering, and poor quality of life resulting from the injuries incurred in the accident.

Sample Court Case About Inadequate Lighting Resulting in Slip and Fall

Haibi v. 790 Riverside Dr. Owners, Inc. is one court case that discusses insufficient lighting as the foundation for a slip and fall claim. The case was determined by the New York Supreme Court in 2017.

The victim in the Haibi case suffered injuries during a fall. The fall happened at an apartment complex building’s stairwell. The victim filed a compensation claim against the owners of the apartment building, stating that the slip and fall were due to insufficient lighting.

The victim won the court’s support. According to the court, eyewitnesses are not needed to attest to the fact that dim lighting contributed to the accident. The victim is only required to provide proof that the hazard was present.

How a Slip and Fall Attorney Can Help in Premises Liability Claims

Accident victims should never have to worry about their legal battles and focus on their recovery instead. A slip-and-fall attorney from a reliable law firm can help the victim negotiate with his insurance company to maximize his claim. He can also represent you in whatever legal action is necessary for you to recover damages.

If you or a loved one is a victim of a slip and fall accident due to poor lighting, call the skilled slip and fall attorneys at The Clark Law Office for a free consultation. Let us discuss how we can help you overcome this painful and tragic ordeal. Call us at your earliest convenience today.

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