Unsafe Lane Changes

Unsafe Lane Changes in Motorcycle Likely Result in AccidentsChanging lanes is a common sight on the streets. Whether the driver is merely avoiding an obstacle, or wishing to overtake a vehicle before him, changing lanes must be done with extreme caution and care…..especially when operating a motorcycle.   He must quickly and thoroughly check and monitor his surroundings. The driver must give the appropriate signal that he will transfer to the next lane to give notice to other drivers and motorists. However, most drivers underestimate the dangers that come with sudden lane changes and many motorcycle accidents happen as a result.

The Michigan Vehicle Code states that “in a roadway divided into 2 or more marked lanes, a vehicle shall be driven entirely within a single lane, and should not be moved until the operator has first ascertained that the movement can be made with safety.”

Whether the driver intends to transfer lanes on the left or the right, he must have a clear and unobstructed view of that lane. Any traffic coming in on that lane must be sufficiently far enough to give time and distance to the drivers involved. He must also turn on his left-turn or right-turn signal before he makes a careful and safe lane change.

Causes of Unsafe Lane Changes

There can be many causes to a dangerous lane change. Here are the most common of them.

  • Distracted driving

A distracted driver may not be able to immediately spy an obstacle on the road. It may be too late when he notices, and he could end up making a sudden and unsafe lane change. He may also miss an oncoming motorcycle or smaller vehicle on his target lane when he makes a lane change.

  • Driving recklessly

Some drivers can be careless by habit. The law, as well as our common sense, tells us to change lane with extreme caution. However, some drivers do not even take the time to check if the next lane is safe and clear before they transfer lane.

  • Speeding

There are reasons why speeding limits are in place. If a driver is driving too fast, it may be too late to step on the brakes when he encounters an obstacle or a roadblock.

  • Poor driving conditions

There may be road repairs, or the road is too bumpy, that the driver may feel the need to suddenly make a lane change. The traffic density may also have an unstable flow, causing some drivers to weave in and out of traffic.

  • Unfamiliarity with the road

If the driver is unfamiliar with the road, he may end up making sudden and unsafe lane changes. Diverging and merging lanes can cause confusion for someone unfamiliar with the route. The driver may not be able to make the proper signal in time before he changes lane.

Consequences of an Unsafe Lane Change

The consequences of an unsafe lane change can range from minor to very serious. An unsafe change lane can result in the erring driver being issued with a violation ticket. However, an unsafe lane change may also end up in severe injuries and damages, or worse, death.

Motorcyclists are among the most common victims of sudden and unsafe lane changes. They are often hidden by blind spots, making them prone to crashes with vehicles that change lanes or make dangerous left-hand turns. Because of the size and build of motorcycles, motorcyclists are more vulnerable on the road. They may suffer more serious injuries than other vehicle drivers in road crashes. A mild hit for a car driver can be serious and lethal to a motorcyclist.

Why You Should Seek Legal Counsel Immediately

If you have been injured by a reckless driver who made a sudden lane change, you have the right to seek for a personal injury claim against the said driver. Collisions that result from sudden and unsafe lane changes are prevalent, and they are caused by plain negligence and carelessness.  Change lane collisions mostly occur because the erring driver did not use the proper signal, changed lane all too suddenly, or did not even care to assess the traffic of his target lane.

Your knowledgeable attorney must be able to establish that the driver’s negligence resulted in your injuries and damages to your personal property.  A victim of an unsafe lane change accident may get compensation for the following:

  • Medical and hospitalization bills
  • Physical therapy and treatment
  • Loss of potential income
  • Damage to property
  • Pain and suffering

If you or a family member is involved in a traffic accident that resulted from an unsafe change lane, seek legal help as soon as possible.

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