Motorcycle Laws in Michigan

Knowing motorcycle laws can help you avoid motorcycle accidents and injuries. In Michigan, certain laws are different from the other states, so it is vital to banish confusion and familiarize yourself with them.  Having a  Here, if you have acquired serious physical injuries, it is possible for you to file a case against the negligent party. This means that you have to prove that you have indeed suffered harm and body function impairment during the motorcycle accident.

Know that usually, if you are not more than 50% at fault in your case, you can have a strong case. Consequently, if it’s proven that you are more than 50% at fault, then your case may not be credible, and you may not be able to get compensation for your injuries.

How to Acquire a Michigan Motorcycle License

To acquire a Michigan Motorcycle license, one must obtain a CY endorsement on a driver’s license. Without a CY endorsement, a driver can be fined, and the act will be considered a misdemeanor. For those who are under 18 years old, a motorcycle safety course must be taken to be able to get a motorcycle endorsement.

What is a CY Endorsement?

It was reported by the Michigan State Police that half of the riders who were involved in motorcycle accidents had vehicles that were unlicensed. According to Michigan Law, motorists must have a CY endorsement, which requires riders to complete safety courses and obtain a certificate of completion.

How to Complete your CY Endorsement

A CY Endorsement is a type of motorcycle endorsement that’s required to allow a driver to ride a motorcycle legally. Here are the steps to obtain a CY Endorsement.

  1. Complete the Basic Rider Course (BRC), Basic Rider Course 2 (BRC2), Returning Rider Basic Rider Course (RRBRC) or 3-Wheel Basic Rider Course (3WBRC) in your respective area. Visit the website of the office of the Michigan Secretary of State and use their training locator.
  2. After taking and passing the tests, obtain your certificate of completion.
  3. Take the vision and writing test necessary.

What is the Michigan No-Fault Benefit?

Because Michigan is considered a “no-fault” state, both parties who are involved in an accident are entitled to insurance benefits including wage loss from their respective insurance companies, regardless of whose fault the accident is. There are “no-fault” benefits such as medical bills, unlimited medical benefits, replacement services, economic loss benefits, and funeral expenses. However, Michigan’s No-Fault Act can only be applied to accidents that occur between two vehicles.

Here are the priority rules regarding accidents that involve a motorcycle and a car.

  1. Insurer and registrant (no-fault) of the injured occupant of the vehicle
  2. The insurer of the injured occupant driving the vehicle
  3. The person who is the insurer of the motorcycle involved in the accident
  4. Registrant or owner of the motorcycle if different from the operator

What is the Statute of Limitations for Motorcycle Accidents in Michigan?

A statute of limitation is the time period within which you can file a lawsuit after an accident. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Michigan, you have one year to file your case and obtain your no-fault benefits. If you must sue the other party, you are given three years from the day that the accident occurred to file a lawsuit.

Motorcycle Damages

If your motorcycle incurred damages during a collision, the no-fault law will not cover the expenses needed to repair or replace the vehicle. In case the driver of the motorcycle who perpetrated the accident does not have the no-fault insurance, then he or she can be held liable to pay for the damage of the other party’s vehicle.

Contact a Clark Law Office Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you find yourself involved in a motorcycle accident in Michigan, it is best to consult a motorcycle accident lawyer immediately. The Clark Law Office in Okemos, Michigan has a number of competent and expert motorcycle accident lawyers who have gained the extensive necessary to help you build a strong and solid case.

Rest assured, our lawyers will be with you as you gather evidence to build your case and up until you get the best compensation for your accident. Contact us from The Clark Law Office today to know your best options.

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