Construction Truck Accidents in Michigan

Construction Trucks Are Dangerous in MichiganHeavy trucks, equipment, and machinery are familiar sights in a construction and demolition area. These projects need large and powerful construction trucks to move heavy debris and materials like lumber, sand, gravel, concrete, and steel across the worksite. Construction trucks are so large that they can weigh up to 80000 pounds.

However, construction trucks don’t always operate in perfect conditions. Different factors can result in a construction truck accident, leading to serious physical injuries and property damage. With such powerful vehicles, it’s all too easy to imagine a collision with a passenger vehicle leading to death.

The best solution is always to prevent such construction truck accidents from happening in the first place. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and accidents will still happen. If you’ve suffered an injury from a construction truck accident in Michigan, your best option is to find legal support from an experienced and competent lawyer. The Clark Law Office has a team of top-rated personal injury lawyers who can assist you in your case.

Proving Negligence in a Construction Truck Accident

Commercial trucks, including the powerful trucks which load cement and construction materials, are highly regulated by law. On the federal level, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is responsible for creating and enforcing trucking regulations. If the construction truck driver or the construction company in your case was found to have been negligent in meeting these standards, then they can be liable for damages incurred.

Large construction trucks need to be safe to drive, with their heavy cargo secured for the trip. There should also be precautions to decrease the risk of turning accidents and rear-end collisions. Some of the standards enforced by the FMCSA for commercial drivers include:

Any evidence of negligence, including recklessness, neglected equipment defect, expired registration, driver fatigue, ignoring blind spots, and driving under the influence, can help you build a strong case in determining the liability of the other party.  The following parties can be legally obliged to pay compensation for any of the damages you may have incurred:

  • Construction truck company, if the truck is rented
  • The construction company, if the truck is owned directly
  • Construction truck driver
  • Insurance company

If you’ve been involved in a Michigan construction truck accident, you should speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The Clark Law Office can help investigate the accident and determine the liability in the scenario. A violation of any of these vital safety regulations is a strong case proving negligence and liability.

Receiving Compensation in Construction Truck Accidents

Being involved in a construction truck accident can be physically painful and also emotionally distressing. As such, we can build a case to claim compensation for actual damages to emotional suffering damages.

The following can be the basis for receiving compensation:

  • Property and vehicular damages – due to their heavy cargo and large size, construction trucks involved in accidents with personal vehicles can result in serious vehicular and property damage
  • Medical bills – physical injury from construction truck accidents can range from smaller fractures to traumatic brain injury and chest trauma
  • Lost wage – recovering from the effects of a construction truck accident results in time lost from work
  • Pain and suffering – being involved in a construction truck accident can be psychologically and emotionally traumatizing

To file a lawsuit against a construction truck driver, you need the assistance of a fully competent Michigan truck accident attorney. Here at The Clark Law Office, we’ll work hard to fight for your justice.

The initial steps of claiming compensation involve official communication with the construction truck company. You will be filing a legal complaint in court against the truck driver and company, which is the first official step in the lawsuit. You can choose to proceed with the lawsuit if a favorable settlement can’t be reached.

To learn more about your legal options, contact the Clark Law Office. You need to explore your options for coping and recovering compensation.

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