Garbage Truck Accidents in Michigan

Garbage truck accidents are perhaps some of the most damaging accidents you can ever encounter in the road. If you get on the wrong end of the accident, it can even be fatal — depending on the circumstances surrounding the road accident. Since garbage trucks usually traverse around residential areas and commercial areas, this proximity heightens the chance of collisions and disasters from happening. It is imperative, therefore, that the people behind the wheel are careful and responsible. Otherwise, it could prove to be a catastrophe for all involved.

If you are a victim of a garbage truck accident in Michigan, you need to look for an experienced lawyer who understands how Michigan law works. As Michigan requires a no-fault insurance system in the state, you must ensure that you are covered at all bases from beginning to end. Know more about garbage truck auto accidents in Michigan below.

No-Fault Auto Insurance System for Garbage Truck Accidents in Michigan

Under Michigan law, everyone is required to follow the no-fault system when it comes to insurance for personal injury cases and auto accidents, among others. This means that when it comes to accidents caused by garbage trucks, this system is the one employed in the state of Michigan.

In this type of insurance system, people are guaranteed insurance benefits regardless if they are the victim or the party at fault. For the most part, their own insurance companies should be in charge of providing all mandatory benefits enshrined in the insurance policy that the person has. Victims can only sue the negligent party for pain and suffering, seriously impairing injuries, as well as fatalities.

In a no-fault insurance system and auto accident cases, there’s a high threshold when it comes to suing the negligent party for damages. Victims may try to sue the party at-fault for any type of damage, but it doesn’t guarantee a favorable result unless the injuries are severe.

In Michigan’s no-fault insurance system, people can generally get around 85% of their lost wages for the first 3 years after the accident and reimbursement for chores that they wouldn’t be able to do because of the crash. Additionally, all medical bills and mileage related to the injury will be paid for by the insurance company as well.

Different Types of Accidents that Garbage Trucks Can Cause

Since garbage trucks are large vehicles, the damages they cause are usually severe. Regardless if they collide with a car or hit a civilian, it’s a given that the other party is typically the one with more to fix and repair. Some of the types of accidents that garbage trucks usually encounter are:

  • Collision with bicycles and civilians/pedestrians
  • Collisions with smaller vehicles and motorcycles
  • Collisions with other types of trucks such as delivery vans, dump trucks, and tow trucks
  • Dumping of waste or cargo that hits a vehicle
  • Dumping of waste or cargo that hits a person

Garbage truck accidents can happen anywhere to anyone, which means that it is vital that you have the proper insurance to cover you when the time comes. As much as possible, you should strive to learn more about no-fault insurance in Michigan.

Usual Causes of Garbage Truck Accidents

Here are some of the most common causes of garbage truck accidents:

Since Michigan is a no-fault state when it comes to insurance payouts, there’s a chance that knowing who’s at fault may not be necessary. However, it is still critical to understand the extent of fault as there are cases when people can sue the negligent party. To comprehend how to gauge the extent of fault and how they can be liable for extreme injuries, contact your garbage truck accident lawyer now!

Contact an Experienced Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer from The Clark Law Office

Insurance companies will try their best to give you the least amount of financial assistance when it comes to payouts. To make sure that you get the benefits that are rightfully yours, you must approach a dependable and experienced Michigan lawyer from a reputable firm like The Clark Law Office.

As experts in auto accidents in Michigan, we know how to work around the law to make sure that you get the compensation owed to you. Contact us now for a free consultation!

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