Michigan Logging Truck Accidents

Logging Truck Traveling Down a Michigan RoadLumbering in Michigan has a rich history. It started way before with the French, who used lumber to build forts and posts. Later on, the British and the Americans used Michigan’s lumber to build war and merchant ships. The pine trees of Michigan helped make the lumbering industry grow and flourish. Michigan’s lumber production was almost the same as the production of three states combined.

Although not as rich as it was during its heyday, lumbering and logging are still very much alive in the state of Michigan. Michigan is still home to several logging companies and sawmills, hence the presence of logging trucks on its streets.  Logging trucks are large trucks used for the specific purpose of carrying logs or timber. Some logging trucks come with integrated flatbeds. Some logging trucks come with a tractor unit and a trailer pulled behind it.

Common Causes of Logging Truck Accidents

Logging truck accidents can be caused by a wide variety of factors. Here are some of the most common reasons why logging trucks get involved in road crashes.

  • Unqualified drivers

Among truck drivers, logging truck drivers are paid less. Because of this, most logging trucks are operated by drivers who are untrained and with lesser experience. Logging truck drivers must be trained appropriately and acquainted with logging operations and safety practices on the road.

  • Poor Maintenance

It is mainly the responsibility of the truck owner to ensure that the logging truck is maintained on schedule. Poor maintenance can lead to trucks malfunctioning while on the road.

  • Poor Lighting

Due to its length, logging trucks have lighting requirements for visibility. They must have flashing amber lights in the trailer, in all directions, along with tail lights and reflectors. All these will make the logging truck visible at night or at foggy mornings. If not maintained properly, the lights can end up getting obscured by dirt and mud.

  • Overloading

Like with any other vehicles, overloading is a road hazard that should be taken seriously. All types of trucks have their own weight limit capacity. However, most logging trucks run during the early morning, when law enforcement people are not on the streets. This allows them to carry more than their specified load limit, making them potential road hazards.

  • Changing Routes

Logging trucks are long; therefore, logging truck drivers should take safe, specified and legal routes. However, some impatient drivers cannot wait for roundabouts to change routes. A hastily done U-turn for a logging truck can be disastrous. The tail end of its load can easily hit oncoming cars.

What Can A Michigan Logging Truck Accident Lawyer Do For You?

Road crashes involving logging trucks can result in severe injury and even death. The large size of the truck, and its heavy load contribute to the high risk of fatality that comes with logging truck crashes. If you or a family member gets involved in a road crash with a logging truck, call a logging truck accident lawyer right away. Most logging operators have the financial resource to fight your legal case against them. They may even have friends in the police department in your side of town.

If you are involved in an accident with a logging truck, you have experienced enough trauma that you deserve the best legal support team that you can have. A competent Michigan Logging Truck Accident Lawyer will help establish your case, so you can get compensated for the damages that you have suffered.

  • Medical and hospitalization bills

Medical and hospitalization bills can skyrocket, and before you know it, you have thousands of dollars billed to your name. You deserve all the financial help that you can get. A good lawyer can help you on this so you can focus on getting well.

  • Therapy expenses

Physical therapy may be needed for your full and fast recovery. The ideal personal injury lawyer can help you establish your claims for your therapy sessions.

  • Loss of income

Being involved in an accident can mean being absent from work due to your hospitalization, or losing the capacity to work at all because of the injuries sustained from the crash. It is only right that you get compensated for the loss of your income.

  • Pain and suffering

The emotional and physical pain that a person involved in a log truck crash experiences are beyond words. You can receive compensation for the pain that you endure, if only to take the financial stress and burden off you.

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